Alisa Writes to New Rome Sucks

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She wrote to Chad:

I agree everyone knows what is right and what is wrong. It's the people who gets caught doing wrong that has the problem with New Rome.  If you don't do the crime, than you won't pay the fine.

Chad's response:

First it is, "It's the people who get caught doing wrong that have a problem with New Rome".  You may find it difficult to convince others of the validity of your point using poor English, but regardless of your speaking skills your conclusion that only those guilty of breaking the law have anything to fear from New Rome seems almost maliciously off the mark.  I must ask you, what New Rome you are referring to because it can't be the one on the west side of Columbus, Ohio.  Have you read the Tales of Woe?  Do you know anything about the history of New Rome?  If you had you would be aware of the many times that the unprofessional New Rome Police Department (NRPD) have written tickets for "crimes" that are not actually against any law.

The NRPD will ticket you for not having 4 bolts in your license plate, siting you for Improper Tags.  But no where can you find the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) stipulate 4 bolts.  The ORC simply states that the tags must be "mounted and visible".  The NRPD has been issuing speeding tickets for years in an illegally signed speed zone, that turns out to be an illegal speed zone altogether according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.  Yet when confronted with the fact that their speed zone is not enforceable under the statutes of the ORC the New Rome magistrate can be heard to say, "I don't care what the ORC says" as he hammers down the gavel and issues your fine (plus court costs).  Also if you get a chance to spend time in New Rome please count for me the number of new BMW's or Lexus's you see get pulled over and ticketed by the NRPD.   It will be an easy number to count.  It will be zero.  The NRPD has been getting away with their improprieties for years by only targeting the poor and uneducated.  People that don't know the law, their rights and most importantly lack the ability to defend themselves against the actions of the NRPD.

They are in flagrant violations of many laws, if for no other reason than they themselves are ignorant of the law.  One has must get their case transferred to Franklin County Courts to get a proper trial.   The NRPD has been a self perpetuating entity for long enough.  They simply are writing tickets (often for things that aren't against the law) in order to generate income so that they can just write more tickets.  How much money do they generate?  $6,000 per resident.  Columbus would have to write $4.5 billion in traffic tickets to achieve those per capita numbers.  And where does this money go?  That's what Jim Petro the Auditor for the State of Ohio would like to know.  Of the 10 people convicted of government corruption in Ohio over the last ten years 3 are from New Rome.  How does a town of 60 in a state of 11,000,000 generate 30% of guilty corrupt officials?  Jim Petro calls New Rome, "The most corrupt village in Ohio by far."  Columbus would have had to "lost" $1.5 billion over the last decade to equal what has simply walked away from New Rome.  New Rome is in direct opposition to the intent of the entirety of the ORC, is a blight on the state of Ohio and needs to be relegated to local history books.  If you can't see that then you are either one profiting by their corruption or blind.

She wrote to Dreama:

If you weren't drunk, you would know what was going on!!!!!!!

Dreama responded:

Apparently, you are drunk or else I would know what you are rambling about.

She wrote to Laura:

Laura , if you can't do the time, don't do the crime, or at least don't whine. Get over it

Laura responded:

Girl, open your eyes and your small mind. You just don't get it. So, let me
try to explain it to you. I'm not simply whining about getting a speeding
ticket. If that's all it was, I would have taken my lumps and moved on a
long time ago. My complaint is that the speed limit sign is so well hidden,
and I thought I was within the speed limit at the time. (I was going 42 mph
thinking the limit was 45). I object to the foul, harsh, rude, intimidating
manner in which Lt. Kerr treated me. I object to the incredibly rude, nasty
treatment Robin Spangler gave me when I asked her a simple question. I
resent the fact that it was like pulling teeth to get a receipt from her
showing that I had paid my bogus ticket.

I can't comprehend how New Rome takes in almost $400,000 a year, and yet it
provides no municipal services whatsover, while the town remains an ugly
decaying run-down hole. I despise the horrible way that the New Rome cops
treat people, especially the way they bully little kids, the disabled,
pregnant women, etc.    I also hate racism, and racial profiling, and New
Rome is infamous for that. Read the Tales of Woe if you need evidence. All
these people are not just making this crap up.

I also have a problem with the fact that New Rome has been repeatedly
caught for imbezzelment, theft in office, poor record keeping, etc, and yet
they continue to do these things. Read the latest auditor's report (I'm
assuming you do know how to read) and you will see that New Rome continues
to spend money in excess of appropriations, they have not computerized, as
they were previosuly ordered to do, and that they continue to have
accounting discrepencies. Come on now! I also can't believe the council
members have the gall to just blow off council meetings, including the
special meeting called by ODOT, and the meeting to propose dissolving the
village. They are just like a bunch of little kids - if they can't have
their way, they leave the playground and go home to pout. You just can't
function that way as an elected official.

This, my dear, is what I am "whining" about.  There is simply no reason for
New Rome to exist. And I will continue to whine, gripe, moan and complain,
as loudly and creatively as I can, until this decadent, in-bred little
empire crumbles.

She wrote to Jim:

Subject: PRINT THIS!!!!!

New Rome is not a "traffic trap" if you would obay the laws.  Just like Valley View, Mt. Sterling and a lot of the other little towns and villages.  You are just upset because you got busted, plain and simple.  Sorry about your luck.  (A resident of New Rome)

Jim responded:

I will print it as I have printed all the New Rome lover letters.
And just the same, you won't be able to argue for them against the reasoning.  If the best you can do it "You got caught, end of story"  then don't bother wasting my time.  There are LAWS that a government has to follow.  New Rome has avoided it all for a long time because no one has stood up to them.  Not only did I prove them wrong and was still made to pay the fine, ODOT has said their speed limit is wrong and the council has ignored them.  Just because the state hasn't done anything to put a halt to their 40+ years of corruption doesn't mean New Rome won't topple like Old Rome did.
So before you get into a debate with me, I suggest you supply me some fact and reasoning to your statements.

Alisa responded to Jim:

For one thing Jim, ODOT did not say their speed limit was wrong, it was only their suggestion to raise it.  Noone takes into consideration all the grade school and middle school kids have to cross Broad Street in New Rome at the cross walks.  So how would you like your children to cross a busy road where cars go 45 and even more every day.  Stop thinking of yourself or yourselves and think of the kids who live in and around New Rome.

Jim responded again:

ODOT did say the speed limit was illegal.  They just can't force New Rome to change it.  Much like anyone else breaking the law, only a court can force change.  One day it will go to court and then let's see what happens.
The whole children cross a busy street ploy isn't working with me.  There are school ON broad street and their speed limit is 45.  They don't seem to have a problem crossing.  If the children are in grade school they have no business cross ANY road by themselves and a child in middle school should have the common sense to cross the street just like anyone else using any other part for a busy street.
Another problem with you argument is that the police there has been writing ticket after ticket and the so-called situation isn't improving.  So why hasn't bigger better measures been put into place?  Speed bumps maybe?  I'll tell you why.  Because then they couldn't fund the police dept and it would fold because if they actually did anything but randomly run plates all day then they couldn't survive.
You go under the assumption that everyone that hates New Rome has been ticketed by New Rom.  This is not true at all.  The time and effort I spend now is because I know they are a bunch of rotten crooks and by spreading the word their fall will come about sooner then if I "pay the fine and move on"  Now it's just a matter of time.  They won't screw over the people for another 40+ years.
Some people may be afraid of New Rome.  I am not.

She wrote to Michael:

Subject: I dare you to print this.

Have you ever got pulled over by a New Rome police officer and if so what was the reason?  Were you'r tags expired, were you drug trafficing or were you just plain speeding?  If you were not doing anything wrong, then you would not have been pulled over by the police!!  Any police!!  Thoes of you that do not live in the Village of New Rome are not aware of the facts.  You are only going by hear-say.  In  my eyes you all suck. Especially Jeannie Frazier, who by the way is a fat, lying, slut who enjoys causing distress so she can be the center of attention. {And she thinks she lives by satan, HA}  If you don't like New Rome, then stay the hell away from it!  There are plenty of ways to get around it.           Honestly yours, a New Rome Resident

Michael responded:

I am so sick of this argument that "If you were not doing anything wrong, then you would not have been pulled over by the police!!".  Alisa, in New Rome that simply isn't true.  I don't doubt that New Rome writes many "good" tickets.  But the avalanche of horror stories of people being stopped and ticketed for the most minor of infractions, or for made up laws cannot go unnoticed.  The next time you see a father with a couple of kids in the back being given a ticket for $148 because his Ricart license plate frame obscured his renewal sticker, or a single mom in a beat up Cavalier wagon being charged for "no backup lights" after stopping at Dairy Queen for dilly tell me how much safer you feel and how New Rome is a better place because of it.  It disgusts me that this mother would have to give up a couple weeks worth of grocery money to satisfy a ticket that would be a friendly warning from most cops.  

Worse, the money goes into a corrupt system where some of it is likely to be skimmed by people in the elite New Rome "club".  If the money does end up in New Rome's account, 90% of it will be reinvested into the ticket generation machine.  Do you not care that your "town" looks pathetic?  That you have no parks, no sidewalks, no services besides a police force that is run by citizens of other municipalities?  How can you hold your head high and be proud to be from a community that gives back nothing to its residents?  New Rome's old guard has brainwashed people like you with the illusion of security by this massive police force, when they are nothing but bullies and revenue generators.  Alisa, they get their jollies out of intimidating motorists, not upholding public safety.  Is this who you want protecting you?

Other readers respond!

Alisa, who are you?  Are you an individual benefiting monetarily from revenue generated by New Rome's rent-a-cops?  Are you, your spouse, significant other, friend, or relative one of the rent-a-cops or member of the City's "Staff"?

Alisa, please take the time to read the volume of material from news sources and personal letters sent in by people who have been wrongly ticketed by the rent-a-cops.  Given all of this material, including the recent comments from Jim Petro (Ohio's State Auditor), I have to believe that you, Alisa, are either benefiting monetarily from all the revenue coming in or are just totally blonde, or maybe both.

I was born and reared in Ohio and am extremely disgusted that not only is New Rome used for all the example exercises in the new "Corrupt City Government for Dummies" book but also that New Rome is tabloid news fodder.  The sooner the majority votes come in to dissolve New Rome, the sooner the corrupt city "officials" can go back to watching reruns of 'Dukes of Hazard' full-time, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  I figure that's the show the city government must have used as a primer on how to run a police force.


And even if you do break the law in New Rome you are harassed and
intimidated into forking over "the money" before you even know what your
rights are.

Because "the law" there is about making money, not enforcing justice.


You represent everything that is wrong in this country: Apathy and stupid know-nothingness.
I wonder if Alisa has a monetary dog in this some how.

Alisa is so stupid she has no common sense, and claims believe what she has been told.  In defending the NRPD, she must live in constant fear of less than four bolt plates, and dim plate bulbs. (Anyone know what the plate bulb wattage must be in New Rome to avoid trouble?)  But even with her inherent dimness, she knows she has nothing to fear.   She's one of the chosen few who can persecute the rest of the world.  New Rome is right, and the rest of the world is wrong.  The stench of corruption is at record state level right under her nose, but she can't smell it.  She can't see that her city is a disaster area,  in spite of all the millions fleeced over the years.  She refuses to hear what a joke her government has been and continues to be.  Neither she or anyone else can comprehend all the legitimate business that has been chased away from the area.  If she really believes what she claims,  trying to reason with such a person is going to be a waste of time.  I think we are really fortunate in having all the ignorance concentrated in New Rome.  At least you know where it's at. 


Alisa, obviously you are benefiting monetarily from the "communist" New Rome government , or your educational background consisted only of a banana and an innertube. Either way, you need to realize that we live in AMERICA!! True Americans are fiercely proud of their country and will NOT TOLERATE government corruption as New Rome has BLATANTLY shown. Especially after the 9/11 tragedy!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Your support for the New Rome Village and Police Dep't unquestionably pegs you as UN-AMERICAN!!!!!! You should move to China, where they treat their citizens like human fodder, and make up the rules as they go, just like New Rome does. SMARTEN UP, ALISA!!!! VOTE FOR THE DISSOLUTION OF NEW ROME!! It's only a matter of time before they ticket you!!! 

-Prairie Township Resident and PROUD AMERICAN!!!!!!!

There are some of us who have been there, and on the inside at one time, and know first hand what has been, is being done.  I was smart enough to get out before, but have followed it for over 20 years.  And now you are going to tell me I don't know what I am talking about?!  You are not stupid, you are just an idiot!  You need to get a life.

It is hard to believe that a woman would go to all this trouble to make
herself look this bad. I must applaud all responses to her poorly worded
statements as you showed much greater character then this woman did.
Hopefully by February this woman will see the light and realize that New
Rome and all the shame it represents needs to be dissolved forever.




Alisa, I have lived in Prairie Township for over 30 years, which, (in case you don't know), is right next to New Rome. My beloved aunt lived in New Rome most of her life. I know EXACTLY what is going on in New Rome, and it is called CORRUPTION!! Alisa, you support this?????? Where is your pride? Where is your sense of decency? Your argument about New Rome children crossing Broad Street is unbelievably laughable!! They have these marvelous inventions these days. They are called "BUSES." Besides that, there are only 60 New Rome residents in the whole frickin' village!! Alisa, you are shamefully benefiting from this New Rome SCAM!! or, someone in the NRPD is buttering your bread!! (get my drift)?


Editor Notes: Hey Alisa, there was a little more to this note but let's just say it was less than flowery.

i can't believe that Alisa actually supports the NRPD!!! I have lived near New Rome all my life (36 years). THIS IS NOT JUST SOME GAME , PEOPLE!!!!!! INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE BEING PULLED OVER AND ISSUED $100 OR MORE FINES FOR ANYTHING FROM A DIMLY LIT LICENSE PLATE, TO STOPPING 3 INCHES ACROSS THE STOP LINE OF AN INTERSECTION (DID I MENTION THE WHOLE VILLAGE CONSISTS OF A GRAND TOTAL OF 60 PEOPLE?) i could understand the gestapo-like NRPD stranglehold on their own village IF there was a NEED FOR IT, but New Rome is as peaceful as you could ever imagine!! Besides that, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE $50,000 THAT HAS TURNED UP MISSING  4 DIFFERENT TIMES IN 10 YEARS???? HUH?????  I guarantee you that the council will take the Fifth on that!!!!!! In short, any argument against the dissolution of New Rome, (ha ha, licking my chops), i will be MORE THAN HAPPY TO DEBATE WITH ANY, I! REPEAT, ANY!!!!!, COUNCIL MEMBER OR POLICE DEPARTMENT MEMBER!!    CONSIDER THAT A CHALLENGE.  P.S. i hope none of you have children, because they are surely learning the WRONG lessons in life from YOU. How will you explain to your children that we all need to bind together tightly (as Americans) after the 9/11 tragedy, and at the same time , pull over and ticket felllow Americans for bullcrap offenses???? SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!  - Jeff

Alisa, if you are in real need of a Police Officer, would you actually call the NRPD?
Nancy Chapman was not arrested for assault because "Conflict of Interest"?
"Laura , if you can't do the time, don't do the crime, or at least don't whine. Get over it"
But not Nancy Chapman huh?
If your child was drowning in a pool, would you want one of these cops <henchmen> to save him/her?
You would call the Franklin County Police in a hot minute.
NRPD is just like Osama Bin Laden. They hit you in the back, then run and hide.
Well, this is America baby, AND WE FIGHT BACK!!!!

I hope that stinkin' little scum hole village gets the
axe.  New Rome is absolutely corrupt. Of course, that
doesn't include the new mayor, Jamie Mueller.  He is a
true civil hero for taking that council to task.

The supposed "60 residents" number for that village is
absolutely riduculous.  There are actually hundreds of
homes attached to the village.  Obviously, the reason
the official number stays so small is for greed and
control.  In fact, I'm certain that crooked little
council knows exactly what the outcome of the Feb '03
special election.  They are likely "buying the votes
necessary to stay alive.  Whoever you are, Alisa, you
must be on the dole to be so blind.  Not only should
the village of New Rome be dissolved, everyone of the
corrupt insiders, maybe even you Alisa, should be
arrested and sent to prison for corruption.  Oh yes,
and, for your info, I've never been stopped in that
town.  I have just kept myself current on the proven
accounting scandals and improper tickets and arrests
perpetrated by those badge-bearing flunkies on normal
citizens.  If the "60" don't see the light and
dissolve that village you can count on all of us to
lobby Jim Petro to pursue New Rome's dissolution.  In
other words: You're goin' down.

A nine year homeowner in Galloway, OH

Alisa, If I were Jeannie Frazier, I'd look into suing your for slander, libel, or defamation of character, just for starters.  You last name must be Wit.  I'll bet your middle name is Dim.


   It's so very sad to see how unbelievably blind and faithful you are to a police dept. that
 is so very self serving & predatory as the one in "NEW ROME"....
   I have not seen any improvements in the village in over 25 years, considering the fact
 of all the money they have taken in.
   Most of which was taken in by means that was not the intentions of the good citizens of
 the village.
   I personally have witnessed illegally activity preformed by "YOUR" police dept.
 Some of history's worst people have had "BLIND FOLLOWERS" such as yourself,
Does the words Hitler or Taliban or maybe even Sadam Hussein give you a "GOOD  FEELING"
   Contrary to your beliefs most of the money taken in by "YOUR" police dept. is not always
 brought by drunk drivers or speeding motorists. IF you would spend more time with your eyes
 Try sitting in your car for 2-3 hours and wittness how many cars are pulled over & why ..........

Alisa; I grew up in New Rome and was proud to say so, that was 50 years ago.
We had no police Dpt. did not need one, had on keys for the doors on our house
on Lawrence Ave., did not need them, it was a proud place to live.
Now I keep my mouth shut about where I grew up for shame, we should be proud
of our men in blue not the case in New Rome. Parts of Mt. Vernon Ave. looks


The one thing that I would like to remind Alisa is that where ever it is that you go on the internet you leave "footprints". Whoever Jeanie Frazier is should sue you and it would then be a matter of time till the "footprints" would lead to who or what you are. I have a good old fashioned hunch that you are one of the benefactors of the numerous unaccounted sums of money that have disappeared over the years. Better yet I would even believe that it probably be someone in the Clerk's Office or even better yet maybe even one of the New Rome Storm Troopers that has forgotten what it means to do the job his badge was given to them to do.
Tick Tock Tick Tock……time is running out…..time is running out on the Village of New Rome…..
Dan in Powell

Well, Alisa, if you look at the way that New Rome Towing parks their tow trucks, they are violating the laws stipulated by the O.R.C, which the NRPD say that they go by.  They park within the crosswalk.  If my kid were to get hit at this intersection, I will sue the Village of New Rome and New Rome Towing.


 If you want to know why Alisa loves New Rome so much, her maiden name is Chapman. Sound familiar??

Is this the same Alisa Gibbs (Chapman) who was a member of New Rome Council when Dad (Charles Sr.) was Mayor, mom (Nancy) was Clerk Treasurer, Brother  (Chuck Jr) was on council, and the $56,000 went missing?  Could this also be the daughter of New Rome Village Boxing Champion Nancy (boozer) Chapman who tried to illegally put back on council last year?

Say it aint so Alisa!  Or are you an inbred too?

Despite what the addle-brained hick says, Alisa and the rest of the cesspool
called New Rome don't give a damn about "the children."  No, it's not about
the kids.  If it were, there'd be sidewalks.  Isn't millions of dollars in
revenue over the years sufficient to afford even one sidewalk so the kids
could walk to school more safely?  With the money New Rome rakes in, it
could afford one of those steel over-the-street crossing systems that is
found over James Road on Columbus' east side.

My guesss is that the real reason these slimeballs in New Rome government
are keeping the machinery going is so they can fill up their public
employees retirement system (PERS) accounts, especially L. Cunningham.  He's
the biggest lowlife of all.  There's nothing in it for the children.


What I am seeing here is citizen's complaining about so called police officers that are over policing. They are issuing revenue generating citations, not safety related citations. Concerning the conduct of certain police officers that is some that the police chief should be addressing actively, in the event that there is no system in place to address the issues of conduct then the Justice Department may be the place to turn to.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that at least one local attorney challenged "The Dukes of New Rome" and it appears as though he made have an alternative way to dissolve this disgusting way that this little rat hole New Rome is governed.
I challenge this "Bot" Alisa to give me a educated answer to my email. Be warned that whoever Alisa, I am to be addressed as a gentleman would be addressed. There will be severe civil action should you address me in the derogatory fashion that I have seen in other emails, should I file such a action it will be revealed in open court who Alisa is then let's see the fun begin.
So come on Alisa or whichever New Rome employee that you are give me an educated answer. Should it be proven that Alisa is the esteemed Police Chief Cunningham then I can personally guaranteed that his professional days will be over, he only thing he will be able to afford is a cardboard box to live in.
Tick Tock Tick Tock….the time is running out……..
*Please let me know if there is a answer to my email, as I do check your site about every 10 days*


I am a police officer and understand what it means to have people not understand your intentions.  I have a 1 year old daughter that I love very much.  When I put my uniform on everyday (not knowing if I will be coming home) I am reminded of the grave responsibility put on my shoulders.  I also keep in mind that one day my daughter will hear about or possibly see the things I do as a police officer.  I conduct myself so that if she was here with me she would have only pride at the man I am with my uniform on or off.  The difference between a good police officer and a great one is the ability to enforce the meaning of law and not color of law. (As I read I wonder if any of the officers at NRPD know the difference)?  The very reason there is such a distaste for law enforcement is because of silly citations by boys that would be men.  

I have to laugh when I come through your beloved New Rome and one of your officers falls in behind me.  I can tell you on at least two occasions your officers have broken the assured clear distance law by not providing adequate space between the rear of my car and theirs.  And yet I do what I believe every other police officer does I laugh at how bored these boys must really be.  I have seen just about everything a police officer can see and have been through just about everything a police officer must go through.  Last year I was drug by a truck with a heroin addict as a passenger and a man with Hepatitis C as the driver.  After being thrown by the truck I made my way back to my cruiser approx. 1000 ft up a hill and was able to get into my car and eventually arrest both individuals not knowing if I had now inherited Hep. C form the driver.  

The reason I write this is to let you know that I am not a wanna be anything.  I have the nightmares of 8 years of scenes from hell and I have enough cinicism to fill two lifetimes.  I understand wholly what Jim and all these other people are feeling.  I feel it too as NRPD does not represent what I stand for nor what I believe law enforcement stands for.  You are a stool pigeon of ignorant thought.  When you defend the actions of these police officers than you are saying what they are doing is alright.  It isn't and I wonder how fast your opinion would change If you were on the receiving end of the professionalism that you attest NRPD exhibits daily.  A lesson in law enforcement 101 if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is most likely a duck.Quack,Quack .........It takes more than writing traffic tickets to be a police officer.  It takes exhibiting compassion when it is needed, serving the public to the best of your ability and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.  Anything other that that is embelished bar rhetoric for those of us who would be anything other that what we really are.

P.S. I have sent my five dollars to the C.D.V.N.R.!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS REAL CRIMEFIGHTERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!       

I'm not really sure who you are? However I suspect that you have some
connection to the "village" and that makes question your motives and
your rantings. Just so you know who I am I'll introduce myself. My name
is Thomas and I have been a police officer for 17 years in Michigan.
friend of mine told me about this site and I decided to check it out. My
initial thought was that it was a bunch of people who had received
tickets and had enough time on their hands (and technical expertise) to
complain to the world.

HOWEVER after reading the stories on the site and your "well informed
writings" I have a totally different view. You sound like someone that
has no idea what she is talking about but parrots information gained
from others. I ask you what is the true function of a police department?
I can tell you from 17 years of actually doing it, day after day after
day. Our mandate is to preserve life, liberty and happiness. Conduct
criminal investigations, police accidents and yes sometimes issue
citations. However citations and revenue are NOT what we are there for.
There is a reason why police departments as a general rule do not
receive their entire funding through fines. If your confused about that
part just read the tales of woe section. When your entire livelihood
depends on fines you end up in a "police state" and it will backfire on
As a matter of fact most police departments are a losing
proposition when it comes to funding vs. income. BUT that's not why we
are there, We are there to protect the public.

When I started police work I was fortunate to have a boss who explained
to me the difference between the letter of the law vs. the spirit of the
Reading the letter of the law is that everyone who breaks the law
faces the consequences. Reading the spirit of the law is that you stop
someone for going 15 MPH over the posted limit. Maybe you cite them
maybe you warn them. The idea is that other motorists see you stopping a
car and slow down and remember that the next time they drive through the
area. My town is the crossroads of two major highways that handles at
least 10 million vehicles a year (according to MDOT). You would think I
could easily write one or two thousand tickets a year. However I only
write a hundred or so, But on our busiest streets 99% of the traffic
travels at 7 to 8 MPH of the posted speed. Why is this? Because we make
stops on the ones that are REALLY speeding and other motorists see this.
I have never cited someone for the "full shot". That means if they were
going 15 or 20 over I cite them for 5 over. By doing this I get the
point across for people to slow down and the cited motorist feels that
he got a break and was treated fairly. I don't really see this happening
in your fair community.

By contrast my town has a thriving downtown district, industrial park
and people actually want to build new homes here and raise their kids in
a safe and comfortable community (with sidewalks, water, sewer and cable
TV). The only people that are nervous about coming through my town are
those with warrants or criminal intentions. That's because I know who
they are and they know that I know (without having to stop every car).
The purpose of my letter is not to belittle you or point out you mental
inadequacies (that's evident in your writing). My point is to show you
have Law Enforcement should be run. When your paycheck depends on
tickets you create a self fulfilling prophecy and the beginnings of a
police state that the citizens of this country will not tolerate.
even half the actions of your officers I've read about are true then I
am truly ashamed. Their actions reflect poorly on the "badge" and
profession that I have dedicated my life to.


You are so totally ignorant!  I WILL be there mid-April for the March on New Rome III and no, I have NOT received a ticket there (never been there, always use I-70 passing through), but can not ignore what is going on there and let it continue.  I will make the 3+ hour drive from Central Indiana to be there and show support!
And to the person who said you would be ticketed anywhere else for going 42 in a 35, this is NOT true.  In our local paper here, the Kokomo (IN) Tribune, they have a weekly "Ask the Chief column.  He stated, publicly, in the paper, normally an officer will allow a tolerance of 10 mph above the posted speedlimit!  If you don't believe me, let me know and I'll find it and send ya a copy (it's been in that last month or so).  You are correct when you state you can be ticketed for going 1 mph over the limit.  "Technically," this is true.  However, most police officers are "reasonable" human beings.  Obviously this not apply in New Rome!  I received a ticket here (Central Indiana) in June for going 71 in a 55...16 mph over the limit.  I was guilty, and considerably over the 10 mph tolerance normally granted here.  I paid my $104 and go on with life.  But the way (racket) New Rome operates, it's ridiculous.
Oh, and by the way, where was Councilman Tisler educated?  I want to make sure and tell as many people as possible to steer their kids AWAY from wherever he went.  He's an absolute disgrace to the educational system (as you are too, Alisa, with your thinking)!


You should be so proud, you made 20/20!!!
How embarrassing is it to have someone representing your village who has no front teeth? And broken english to boot!!!
We all got a kick out of that.


I'm a former resident of Columbus's far west side, Whitehall, and the North
Linden area of Columbus. I can attest to the very vile nature of the
"po-lice" of New Rome. My wife and I drove through New Rome on an almost
daily basis from 2000-2002. We never got pulled over, (knock-on-wood) but we
saw astronomically more vehicles pulled over by New Rome police, than
anywhere else. Anyone (Alisa) who doesn't think it's even a little bit shady
to have a 35 MPH speed zone in the middle of a 45 MPH 4-lane commercial
highway, needs to check the stability of the cheese on their cracker. New
Rome "Police" dept is NOT accredited with the Commission on Accreditation
for Law Enforcement Agencies. . (After reading the TOW's,
gee, I wonder why?)

It appears that you are involved in the support of the "Thugs" that have taken money from schools, roads, sidewalks, and any other services paid by the taxpayers of New Rome, let alone from people of other states and locals of the United States.
Here is a couple question for you. "Why does the State of Ohio make license plates that are visible when light is directed upon them?
"How many license plates is required in the State of Ohio?"
"Where is the license plate light located for the front license plate?"

5/2/03 Update

Alisa, what country bumpkin rock did you crawl out from under, I think you are missing the whole point. The complaints that I've read on this web-site are about the way that these people were treated, and not that they are trying to get out of a ticket. The complaints all seem justified.  If the officers in question were going by a code of ethics (moral principles or values) and not the good'ol boy mentality they saw being played out in "The dukes of Hazzard" TV show, your so called quiet little town wouldn't be under public scrutiny. It would seem to me that your opinion (belief) is base more on the profit loss if the New Rome Police Dept. becomes defunct (no longer in existence). I'm guessing that you'll probably fall down a few notches of the New Rome Police Dept's P.P.P.P. (pyramid profit payment plan), and I'm sure it'll be hard to find a job elsewhere, since "corruption and theft" are not usually requirements for employment. Since a Dictionary is not a book that would be found in your trailer with other reading material that may be scattered around, example: "tractor pull and swap buggy weekly" and "DQ" (dufus quarterly) I've taken the liberty in putting a easier to understand description, next to some of the big words for you.

I hope what is trying to be accomplished by the decent people of New Rome occurs in the very new future, as I'm ready to celebrate A.S.A.P. (as soon as possible) Sincerely Thom, from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hey Alisa
You do know that New Rome has just 60 people, yeah? Why the hell do think there is only 60 people? Because nobody wants to live there! If you had any self respect AT ALL, you would move the hell away.
Are you blind? Can't you see that this is just one more example of the abuse of authority that corrupts people in positions of power? Your New Rome pigs think they're so great, it's just delusions of grandeur. Don't you think it's a little PATHETIC that you raise an equivalent of $6000 a year PER RESIDENT and yet your miserable excuse for a town it still dirt poor and run down. MY GOD YOU'RE STUPID!!! Go back to school....
Former New Rome resident

My name is Charlene and I live in Colorado so I am looking at this at an outsiders point of view. I just read some testimonies from New Rome Residents and wow there letters of response defending there town was as arrogant as there government. How wonder the government is so corrupt most the people there are too! I just couldn't believe the hilarious statements wrote by New Rome Ohio residents defending New Rome.
We have problems in small towns here too where if you have to go that way bring witnesses and such but if you don't have to go that way avoid it at all costs. thanks 

Alisa, how dare you say New Rome's "cops" are there for the  safety of the children.  Have you not read the TOW's?  Did your fat beady eyes not see how they left a pregnant woman out in the cold with her 2 children, or endangered a 2 year old's life?  And did you  mention "drug trafficing"?  Unlike your police force, I will ignore some of the mighty laws of spelling and grammar and assume you meant "trafficking". I'd love to see the day when New Rome piggies try to pull over a real felon...I assume there would be a few less toothless fat guys in your little city.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry when hearing some of the stories posted here.  It's like God took the stupidest people on the planet, beat them over the head with a tack hammer, and put them in charge of New Rome.  I'm so happy New Rome is going to be dissolved soon,   Looks like you guys will be working for all those people you've harassed, better start sucking up :).

Just a guess…but could Alisa be Alisa (Chapman) Gibbs? Daughter of New Rome Boxing Champion Nancy “Boozer” Chapman who served on Village Council at the same time her Dad was Mayor, Mom was Clerk/Treasurer, Brother Chuck Jr. was a councilman and $56,000 grew legs and walked away?  Could this be the same Alisa who the Franklin County Board of Elections refused to certify as a member of New Rome Village Council in 2002 because she didn’t live in the Village?

 A question of Alisa – did you get a subpoena to appear before the Franklin County Board of Election at 3:00pm, Tuesday January 21, 2003? This is likely a name-by-name determination on who is actually a resident and legally able to vote in the February 4th election. Since your mom couldn’t lie your way onto council maybe she can lie your way into the voting booth.



To be quite honest with you, I don't know why anyone even bothers to answer Alisa. You can't hold a conversation with an earth worm !

Is this idiot for real? I wonder if that toothless escapee from Deliverance is related to Alisa? Or, maybe, she is the toothless one writing under an alias.HMMM.

Alisa, You and New Rome deserve each other. Bottom Line.


Since moving to Columbus from Cincinnati three years ago I have followed the saga of New Rome much as one would a soap opera.  It has amused me to see people attempt to promote and explain away the corruption that IS New Rome and it has outraged me to read stories of outright abuse by so called law enforcement.  I've written a few times to make a point or voice my support of getting rid of New Rome and this time I write for two reasons.  

First I have to wonder if anyone who has gotten a ticket for speeding has taken the change in speed limit to court in an effort to fight their own ticket?  Doesn't it stand to reason that if ODOT says it's not legal, that if just ONE person had the intestinal fortitude to go the distance this could all be stopped?  After reading about the rude and abusive behavior of the New Rome police I think I would fight all the way to the Supreme Court if that's what it took!  Regardless of my innocence or guilt in speeding there is a right and wrong way to treat human beings... and there's a special place in hell for these men (and I use the term loosely) who call themselves law enforcement officers in New Rome.


And the second reason I write is to point out to Alisa and anyone else who attempts to make others believe that New Rome is not a scam.  Two words for you:  spell check!  You can NOT make a believable argument for anything if you can't spell or use the English language correctly.  If you expect people to take you seriously, learn the difference between their, they're and there for petesakes!  Learn to speak with intelligence .... something someone should have taught the guy who was on 20/20 to represent New Rome.

Jim, keep up the good work on your web site!  Love the new layout and colors! 



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