Detouring New Rome detour
Please....respect the citizens that live on the detour routes by obeying all traffic laws.

Area Overview


Note the points of "Rome" "Alton" and "Lincoln Village" are not incorporated.  Downtown Columbus lies to the east, or right of this map.

New Rome's jurisdiction on West Broad Street extends
for only three blocks, between Norton Rd and
Hilliard-Rome Road.

You can either take the north or south detour.  The
south detour (colored blue) consists of Westwoods Blvd (turn at Wendy's), Sullivant, and Norton. 

If you take the north route (colored green), Stubridge
(turn at National City), Beacon Hill (around Doctors
West hospital), and Rome-Hilliard will allow you to
bypass New Rome.

Take the extra time to bypass this corrupt speck of a
town.  Remember, they aren't running a village,
they're financing a hobby by siphoning money out of
your pocket.