Jim Bussey II
Organizer of March and Creator of newromesucks.com

The eager marchers gathered in the ex-Kroger parking lot.  Jim was one of the first few cars to arrive, by 12 noon, the lot was packed. 
The crowd that gathered for the march was very diverse, containing people of all ages, which proves 
New Rome does not discriminate.  The NRPD has no problem taking money from EVERYONE!!!
Cars began honking before we even started marching.  People cheered and gave us thumbs up.  Only a couple flipped us off.  Allegedly David Plants....but that could be a rumor....  There was a Three C Body Shop banner flying above New Rome...could it have been geared toward our traffic???
Lots of people greeted Jim and wanted to talk to him.  Everyone was so friendly, it was like we already knew each other.  The want for New Rome's demise has brought us all close together.