The Second March on New Rome
Saturday August 17, 2002

Thanks to Mike from George's Coney Island for treating the marchers to lunch!  Here they are setup in the old Kroger lot as the crowd gathers.

We set off into New Rome just after noon.  Here Jim is leading the pack as we pass through New Rome's ridicilous traffic light at Broad and Buena Vista.

Why does this traffic light exist anyway?  Buena Vista is a side street, north from Broad St.  If you cross the intersection to the south, it becomes a glorified alley next to New Rome towing.  We think this traffic light gives New Rome police opportunites to run license plates.  Perhaps ODOT needs to reexamine if this light is necessary on a US Highway.

We took a little different route this time, walking south from Broad through New Rome's residential district.  This is where the fabled "60 residents" live.  It was interesting to see another side of New Rome.


Here's the group walking north on East St. (I believe) back towards Broad.

As we arrived at New Rome's western limits, we took a few minutes to wave hello to passing motorists.  This is of course the speed limit sign that Jim missed because of its illegal placement that started this all.  Click here to read more.