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Over the months so many stories have been published regarding New Rome.  They can all be found in the past news archives, but we thought it better to organize them all in one place.  Follow the soap opera as it was reported!  Note all links are off-site and copyrights apply.

USA Today
Merchants May Punch Town Ticket 1/30/03

ABCNews 20/20
Ticket Trap 1/31/03

The Toledo Blade
Speeding Ticket Happy New Rome Puts Brakes on Dissolution 2/5/03
New Rome Residents to Vote on Dead End for Speed Trap Town 1/31/03

NBC4 WCMH, Columbus
State Police Probe New Rome's Use of Database 1/23/03
Security Requested For New Rome Vote 1/23/03
New Rome Councilman's Residence in Question 1/17/03 Great story, lots of details
New Rome Might Have to Repay Traffic Fines 1/14/03
Intimidation? New Rome Police Visit School Of Councilman's Grandchildren 1/9/03
Alleged speed trap to stay 9/4/02 Alleged?
New Rome Mayor Pushes for Dissolution 8/22/02
New Rome wants more police presence 7/18/02
New Rome's speed trap to remain 7/3/02
Former New Rome court clerk is sentenced 6/15/02
Local Village Could Go Away 4/30/02
Residents: New Rome is more than a speed trap 3/17/02 The first march coverage!
New Rome Village Saga Over...For Now 3/6/02
Local Village Can't Determine Council Members 2/15/02
Fate of Village Council Members Decided by one person 2/14/02
State Auditor To Examine Village's Books 2/8/02
New Rome Officials Have 30 Days To Get It Together 1/28/02
Mayoral Controversy Continues In New Rome 1/28/02
New Mayor To Try Holding Community Meeting Again 1/28/02
Local Town In Danger Of Losing Its Money 1/26/02
Local Mayor Gives Up Fight To Hold Onto Job 1/25/02

WBNS10TV, Columbus
Election Board Won't Remove New Rome Councilman 1/23/03
New Rome Pushing the Limit July, 2002. Talks about ODOT's opinion that limit is illegal
New Rome to get visit by state auditor

The National Examiner
Click here for a scan of last summer's article

Suburbian Newspapers
New Rome Survives Battle, but War Rages On 2/5/03
As New Rome Election Nears, Bickering Continues Another good story

Ohio News Network
New Rome Council Approves Police Budget 2/6/03
Highway Patrol Investigates use of LEADS System in New Rome Investigation 1/23/03
Village Councilman Says Police Intimidation Targeting His Family 1/9/03

This Week News
New Rome Survives 2/5/03
Vote won't end fight with New Rome 1/30/03
New Rome to Vote on Village's Future 9/21/02
Legislation would allow dissolving of villages 9/19/02 Article about Rep. Larry Wolpert's HB644
Voters will decide village's fate 9/5/02
Elections board appoints Frazier 9/5/02
Special Election would be in February 8/29/02 And you knew it in August!
Council fails to pass resolution 8/22/02 Great story with picture from the march in August!
New Rome inspires legistation 5/16/02
New Rome: So much trouble 2/6/02

The Cincinnati Enquirer
"Boot Camp" Accused of Abuse 7/15/01 Story about New Rome Police Chief Larry Cunningham's camp

The Columbus Dispatch
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Anti Corruption Measure 2/11/03 Dispatch editorial favoring HB24
New Rome Needs to be put out of our misery 2/6/03
Let the Sunshine In 1/16/03 Unrelated, but jab at New Rome
New Rome's Police State 1/10/03 Scathing editorial
Obetz should retain its ma-pa ambience 1/9/03 Unrelated, New Rome mention
Valleyview Follies 12/31/02 Another rip on New Rome
Sopranos would like New Rome's 'famiglia' 8/19/02
New Rome even gives laugh to East Coast 8/18/02
Rental tax will create resentment in visitors 8/13/02 Potshot at New Rome
OSU President needs primer to prepare for quirky Columbus 7/29/02 Great New Rome slam
Welcome to New Rome 7/21/02 No holds barred
New Rome Ruckus 2/11/02 A call to dissolve
Unbuilit in a day? 2/4/02
New Rome's ticketing is profiting somebody 2/1/02 Probably several somebodies.
New Rome's Council Makes Governing Look Like a Farce 2/1/02
A Fine Mess 1/27/02
New Rome's problems got old a long time ago 1/28/02
Village officials shame their offices and residents 1/28/02
New Rome does well shooting self in foot 1/22/02

News Stories

Some notices got buried during flurry of storm news 2/18/03 Hilarious!  

Cold?  This winter isn't cold... 2/7/03 One-liner New Rome slam
Like Village, New Rome Politics just Keep on Ticking 2/6/03
Voters Do as New Romans Do: Defy the Critics 2/5/03
Voter Turnout Truly Critical in Decision on Village 2/2/03
New Rome's Use of Data under Review
Latest tool in tiff: restricted police data 1/22/03
Victims of New Rome Politics Getting Younger 1/9/03 Story that blew lid off Cunningham's investigation of Ed Anthony
New Rome: facing a vote on disbandment 12/29/02
Residency Of Some Voters Challenged 10/27/02
New Rome to vote on its fate 8/23/02
New Rome dispute headed to court 8/21/02 The council acting like children
New Rome: no quorum, no issue on ballot 8/21/02 The council's failed attempt to block the vote
Tempers Flare in New Rome 8/7/02
Seven signatures may be start of New Rome's end 8/6/02 Boy, was it!
New Rome Wants More Police Officers 7/18/02
Member skip speed limit meeting 6/20/02 Typical.
Factions spar in New Rome over appointment 6/14/02
New Rome Speed Limit Illegal?
Erase New Rome, Petro Says 5/9/02
Police Chief Should be fired, New Rome councilman says 4/3/02
County Releases New Rome's Money 3/26/02
New Rome Council Approves Spending Ordinance 3/20/02
New Rome Critics Take it to the Streets 3/17/02
Protestors to march on New Rome 3/15/02
New Rome Leaders Stay Calm at Meeting 3/6/02 What a surprise
Previous Members Will Stay on Council 2/28/02
New Rome Council Decision on Hold 2/16/02
Rival Councils Selected 2/15/02 These were good times.  Everyone fighting to rule New Rome.
New Rome Officials to Keep Jobs 2/14/02
Dissolve Village, Auditor Suggests 2/8/02
Residence of New Rome Mayor Still Thorny Issue 2/5/02
New Rome Quick to Ticket 2/3/02 The first mention of!
Limited Budget OK'ed for New Rome 1/28/02
New Mayor Walks out of Meeting Admin Chaos 1/27/02
New Rome in danger of losing its money 1/26/02
Ex-Mayor yields in New Rome 1/25/02
New Rome Can't Reject Mayor 1/24/02
New Rome Making It Up As They Go Along 1/23/02
New Rome still having problem with theft 1/20/02