·    1947: Village originally incorporated.  The original village of "Rome" is still marked on some maps, a little north of the present location.

·    1970's-80's: Village known all over Central Ohio as a speed trap

·    1989: State audit notes many improper accounting practices

·    1990: Police chief Darwin Pelphrey charged with theft in office, fabricating records, and possession of dangerous ordnance

·    1990: US Census counts 111 residents

·    1990: Patricia Kinder, mayor's court clerk, pleads guilty to 6 counts of theft in office; auxiliary officer Victor Ramey pleads guilty to forgery

·    1990: Current New Rome police chief Larry Cunningham is "reappointed" chief

·    1991: Ex-chief Pelphrey pleads guilty to felony theft for taking a shotgun from the village's property room

·    1991: Longtime mayor Bob Lee resigns after accusations of using a village credit card to buy gasoline for his personal vehicle. An audit showed 35 percent of village fuel purchases were used by Lee

·    1991: Former police chief Bell is found to have used a village credit card improperly. Bell and Lee ordered by state auditors to repay $2,500 to New Rome

·    1993: Mayor's court clerk Sandra Bell found responsible for over $56,000 in missing funds. Bell, widow of former police chief Bell, pleads guilty to one count of theft in office

·    1996: New Rome receives $57,742 federal grant, citing a "dramatic rise" in burglaries, gang activity, vandalism and other crimes in New Rome. The money is subsequently used for traffic enforcement .

·    1997: State inspectors condemn New Rome village hall; it is replaced with a double-wide (The Trailer of Injustice)

·    1998: Clerk of mayor's court Tammy Van Scyoc resigns after $56,456 disappears from New Rome accounts. State auditors find inadequate record-keeping makes it difficult to determine guilt

·    2000: US Census counts 60 residents.  18 are children.

·    2001: Clerk of mayor's court Joyce Johnson admits destroying case files and to stealing $5,600 from the mayor's court.

·    2001: Goofball attempt to annex surrounding portions of unincorporated Franklin and Prairie Township.  They mainly wanted the shopping districts, Westland Mall, and the stretch of I-270 (can you imagine?)  Townships balk and attempt is eventually abandoned.

·    2001: Jamie Mueller elected mayor with 6 votes. Existing officials refuse to seat him as mayor.

·    2001: Newromesucks.com website founded

·    2002: First "March on New Rome" draws over 100 participants

·    2002:  Auditor Jim Petro again finds financial discrepancies and recommends New Rome be dissolved.

·    2002:  ODOT finds New Rome’s speed limit illegal and calls a special council meeting; New Rome’s council members blow off the meeting.

·    2002: New Rome draws bad press from numerous local and national papers, including the National Enquirer. Actor/comedian Robin Williams pokes fun of the village during a comedy show in Columbus.

·    2002: New Rome asks for 10 additional police officers.

·    2002: Second protest march is held. Participants vow to march twice a year until New Rome is eliminated!

Thanks to Laura for compiling this