Top Ten Tales of Woe

Revenue Generation and Police Abuse at its Worst

We get many letters "Well, if you aren't breaking the law then you don't have anything to worry about."  In New Rome, that is a fallacy.  Yes, there are many TOW's where the offender was speeding, or admits to having an expired tag.  In those cases though, wouldn't a warning sometimes suffice?  Is it necessary to give tickets for every violation you see?  Is it necessary to arrest people at work over unpaid minor misdemeanor tickets?  I guess it is if that's your only source of income.

These top ten stories illustrate what we hear time and time again about New Rome Police.  They make many questionable "random/surprise inspection" traffic stops. They are rude, aggressive, unprofessional, abusive, incompetent and insensitive.  We don't mind making a blanket statement.  If you're a New Rome cop, you are staining your resume by being party to corruption and abuse of power.  You are a disgrace to the badge.

New Rome officers only care about writing tickets, especially the easy technical violations (license plate obscured, license plate light out, etc.)  These type of violations are not safety related.  They are revenue enhancement violations.
 New Rome is using the "law" to make money.  It's a business.  And business is good.  As one reader put it, they are no different than a junior high bully shaking down his classmates for their lunch money.  We think it's closer to extortion.  Or armed robbery.

#10: No ticket today

I got a good one for ya. It was about 5 months ago and me and my sister were driving through New Rome. When the pig pulls us over he gets my sister's license and says that her license has expired.  She had actually renewed it like 3 weeks earlier.  After she tells him that he says "Oh I see where I made the mistake." After that he tells my sister that he should
give her a ticket just for playing loud music.

My sister says "Sir, would you look at my stereo?"  The face of my sisters stereo wasnt even on so there was no way we could have even been listening to music. Sorry piggy no ticket today.

#9: Running for cover

I'm a police officer with a local jurisdiction, and had an experience with New Rome PD.  I was working 3rd shift several years ago and an officer from New Rome wanted to come to our station to use our breathlyzer for a suspected drunk driver.  This is common practice among law enforcement,  allowing another agency to use your breathlyzer, if theirs is unavailable.  The officer brought his prisoner in and was sitting in the lobby waiting for one of our officers to assist him.  This particular night was extremely busy we had made several arrest ourselves for alcohol related violations, fights, and warrants.

I was in the back dealing with a subject I had arrested, and we had several other officers on station as well.  A dispatcher in a panic called over our radio to hurry up  to the lobby quickly an officer needed assistance.  As I arrived up front in a room adjacent to the lobby an officer was thrown against the wall and being punched repeatedly. I intervened along with several other officers and got the offender under control and he was subsequently arrested for assault on a police officer.

As I looked out in the lobby I noticed the New Rome officer sitting in the corner with a petrified look on his face.  This officer observed another officer being assaulted and failed to assist in any way and was obviously shaken by the incident.  I proceeded to ask this officer to leave our building, and informed him of my dissatisfaction of his cowardness.  This is my New Rome horror story enjoy.

#8 Stop first, then figure out a charge
My wife and I were in the mood for a little ice cream one evening and pulled into the Dairy Queen at 3 minutes past 9pm and didn't realize the drive thru was closed. No big deal. They told us "sorry we are closed" and we were about to head on our merry way, when officer jackass who looked like he was 12 years old decides to come up behind us and toss on the lights. Oh boy! were getting pulled over in DQ for WHAT???  This character who looks like he isn't even old enough to shave let alone have a badge comes up demanding my wife's license, registration & proof of insurance. She politely asks him what the problem is and he demands it again, this time telling her that her registration is expired.

Ok nice try, it's a leased vehicle which doesn't expire until June.  Without even thinking I jumped out of the car (which happens to be far from a hoopty- its a 2001 Honda Accord 2dr. driven by 2 adults old enough to be this kids dad)  Look at the plate and was like "Hey you need to take another look at this were not expired until June." The retard cop, who looked like he was about to drop a load in his pants when hopped out (had his hand on his gun! trembling like Barney Fife used to LOL) said to me "I said her drivers license was expired."

 Instead of getting in a shouting match with this idiot and going to prison for the next 15 years for assaulting an "officer" I leaned back on the car and rode it out. (BTW, I am FAR from intimidating looking!) So this dingleberry tells her that her license is now expired. Now how did he know this from walking up to the car? He didn't! She hands him her Florida license (which expires in 05) and then he procedes to ask her how long she has been in Ohio.  She told him its none of his damn business how long she was there but if he really wanted to know that she spends 50% of her time here and 50% there and had been back for 2 weeks. Yes some folks actually have real jobs that require real travel!

This know nothing didnt even have anything to say but "well you can be arrested if youre here more than 30 days" to which we both replied "Yeah that'll be the day!" and then this ended our asshole session.


#7 Revenue Generation 101

I do hope lawful order returns soon to New Rome.

Three years ago, my husband and I were returning late at night from a funeral in Cincinnati. My aunt, a Sister of Charity from Mount St. Joseph's, had passed away unexpectedly. We were both very tired and had turned off the interstate onto Rt 40 and proceeded through New Rome. We regret doing that very much and will never go that way again.

I was driving at the speed limit when out of nowhere, as we passed Doctors Hospital, the New Rome police pulled us over. The charge was, "
I can't see the county on your plates"! (The plates had been put on at the dealer with their name on the plate holder. You could see half of the franklin county sticker.)

The policeman insisted on seeing not only my license but my husband's license which he did not have with him. The officer treated us rudely as though my husband was lying to him about his ID. If had the ID with him he would have shown it to him. We did not understand his attitude since I was driving my car and showed him my license. We are both in our late 40s, now grandparents, and do not look like criminals. I have never had a ticket in my life.

I had not put my insurance card with the most current renewal date in my wallet, but I did show him the card that had all other my insurance information. The card with me showed the policy was due for renewal two days before this incident. He took his time in his cruiser doing "whatever", about 10-15 minutes.  He finally reappeared with more questions about where I worked etc. He finally gave us the ticket for $235.00. As you can imagine, we were very disturbed by the incident.
I personally went to the office and paid the ticket because they said they would report me as uninsured, if I did not go and show the correct proof of insurance. I was concerned that they might leave such a thing on their report.

Paying the ticket was an experience too. The lady in the office had no concern about my showing the proof of insurance with the correct dates. Someone, other than myself, stated to the office lady that this was all unfair. The office person called for a deputy to come into her office, as though the person in front of me was some type of threat to security. I thought they might arrest the person who was just trying to pay her fine.

Thanks for getting the word out so that others will not have to have this happen to them. 


#6 New Rome Making It Up As They Go

My boyfriend and I went out one night and had to drive through New Rome.  I went down the alley behind Broad Street and waited at the light turned left going towards downtown.  I got all the way to the Jolly Pirate donut shop before I saw lights flashing.  I know for a fact the cop was not behind me in their jurisdiction.  But oh well. He gives me a ticket for expired tags which I did have fine, I will pay the ticket for that.

My boyfriend also got a ticket for not having a seat belt on.  When it was time for me to go to court, I went.  I had a 4 o'clock court date time but could not find either one of our tickets, so I asked the clerk if i could still go ahead and take care of things without the tickets.  He said no they could do nothing with me without tickets, and to call the station that Monday.  (This was on a Friday).  Monday morning I'm sitting at work at 7am when the sergant from New Rome calls my office, I was busy so I put him on hold.  My boss picked up the phone and told him I would be right with him, she then started to give him directions to where I worked, I told her to put him back on hold now.  When I got back on the phone he said there was a warrant out for mine and my boyfriend's arrest, for not showing up to my court date or for paying my fines.

 I told him what happened when I did go to my court date which he told me would never happen he then told me that a officer was on their way to get my boyfriend as we spoke.  I said you can't he is with our daughter he then told me that was fine they would just take her to childrens services.  That is when I lost it, over a damn seat belt ticket, I dont think so! 

So i said how much is the total I will be there today. He said $475.00  for the second ticket for expired tags,  failure to display tags, which meant not having plates on the front and back of your car which I did.  I thought it was funny that I got a ticket for that since the cop never saw the front of my car.  And for a seatbelt ticket and then they doubled everything for not showing up at court.  I argued and got nowhere.  Had no "real" proof to back up my story, so I ask him payment in any form correct he said I dont care how you pay, just come pay your fines.  So I go there and go to write a check and the lady at the desk (I interrupted her watching Jerry Springer) says you can't write a check for warrants. 

I tell her that the sergant said I could she called me a liar, that never would have been told to me in any way.  So I say fine I will go to the bank and get the money. I had no time to do anything else before i was slammed against a wall and handcuffed.  They wanted me to walk into my bank handcuffed give all my bank info to a police officer and get the money out.  I said hell no......  So I sat for an hour in a room by myself getting more and more pissed off.  Finally some woman comes in laughing saying oh you know what I dont know why they made you sit when can just use your debit card.  So finally after all that, it was done and as I was walking out they were talking about thier upcoming christmas party.  I looked at the lady and said well you should have a nice Christmas, because I just paid for it. 


#5 Uninvited guests

About 10 years ago I was working at Highlights for Children in Hilliard.  We were having a potluck lunch.  A friend of mine had her mom bring in her little boy, who was 3 or 4, to show off to everyone she worked with.  All was just swell.

We sit down to eat and in come 2 New Rome officers escorted by 2 Hilliard officers.  They had come to arrest my friend.

In front of her mother, her coworkers, bosses and most importantly, her little boy, they cuffed her and took her to jail.  She had no idea why.  The officers told us some dollar amount that would get her out of jail, not sure how much, over $100.00.  So we took up a collection and someone followed them back to New Rome.

Turns out that about a year before she had been pulled over a couple days after her birthday and received a ticket for expired tags.  Mind you, it was still the month of her birthday but she had let it slide for a couple of days.  She renewed the tags but didn't pay the ticket.  I realize that an unpaid ticket in New Rome is asking for trouble, but they went a little too far.  I am not an expert on these things but I thought for a ticket like that, when there is a warrant out for your arrest, they wait to catch you for something again, or they send you letters, not hunt you down and cuff you and drag you off to jail.

We now will drive miles out of our way to avoid New Rome.  It is an embarrassment to the Westside.

#4  Double Check

I live just east of "Corruptsville, Ohio"!   I have two stories of how they randomly stop people in New Rome.  First, my and my wife were apartment hunting in 1998, and decided to stop at the Advanced Auto Part store to buy some cleaning supplies for our car. Well Mr. Police Man was sitting at the gravel lot next to the part store.  He creeps onto the auto parts lot and turns on his lights.  I had already shut the car off and was stepping into the door and he calls me over to his patrol car. He asked my for my license and registration.  I ask what was the problem. He starts telling me he was checking MV records and wanted to know if I was "updated"?
Needless to say we exchanged words, I  was driving a 1998 Chevrolet Camaro, that I purchased 2 days earlier.  He said they had had several car thefts  in the area and he was just checking to see if the car was registered in my name.....can you believe that crap? 

So my wife and I go into the Parts store.  When we come out there was a second cruiser there.  They watch me get into my car.  When I drive off the lot, the second cruiser follows me around the block and he decides he is going to pull me over too!   I ask the cop "What now?"   He says he is doing an insurance check.  Now how the hell can you have a 1998 Camaro (which is still owned by the freakin' bank) and not have insurance?   This Officer and I also had words.  He said he was sorry for the inconvenience, but it was mandatory that they do "Surprise" inspections.  What a crock! .I really hope your "CAUSE" makes a difference!  I got no ticket....but boy they really pissed me off!  

#3 Right license, wrong state

Back in November I had a run in with New Rome. My boyfriend and I were on our way home from a weekend trip in Virginia. It was about 11pm when we were at the light by the New Rome Hotel on Broad Street. When I turned onto Rome Hilliard Road I saw the blue lights in my rear view mirror. I pulled over… two cops stepped out of their vehicle and came to my window… they wanted my license, registration and insurance. I was a little nervous, as you would be with a police office on either side of the car shining flashlights in. I gave him everything he asked for… actually I accidentally gave him my boyfriend’s license to begin with because it was in my wallet… the office then told me I had given him the wrong license. So I shuffled around in my purse and found mine. He then proceeded to tell me why he pulled me over – he said the light above my license plate wasn’t working.

I had only lived in Ohio for a year as of November and hadn’t obtained an Ohio driver’s license yet. My boyfriend and I both had a Virginia driver’s license that was NOT expired. The officer asked me why I hadn’t gotten an Ohio driver’s license yet. I told him I had a valid Virginia driver’s license and I didn’t think I needed to until my Virginia license actually expired. He said you only have 30 days after you establish residence here. He then said, "Do you know this is an arrestable offense?" I said no sir I did not. The two went back to their cars, I thought they were writing me a ticket. About 10 minutes later they returned to the car and asked me to step out of the car and come around to the back of the vehicle. He pointed to the light above my license plate and said it should be "illuminating my license plate brighter than it actually was." In fact – the light was working just fine – it was just a little dirty not making the light bright enough. I showed the officer that the light was working, he still said it wasn’t bright enough. So at this point he has pulled me over for a faulty light he thought wasn’t working – but in-fact it was working fine, it just need the dust brushed off… so his probable cause theory was out the window.

He then reached for the cuffs on his belt and told me he was placing me under arrest for not having an Ohio Operators license. I said I have a Virginia license, it’s not like I am driving around on suspended license or never obtained a driver’s license. He put the cuffs on me and my boyfriend went to step out of the car and the other office went over to him "step back into the car, step away from the police car blah, blah, blah." He then put me in the back of the police car. The officers told my boyfriend they were taking me down to the station for not having a valid Ohio operators license and if I wanted to go home tonight he would have to come up with $350 bail money within 2 hours – otherwise I would spend the night in jail. They wouldn’t let him drive my car either because they knew he had a VA driver’s license as well, so they left him to walk. They were going to impound my car… but decided if I would let them, they would drive it over to Frank’s Nursery. I think their tactics were to get into my car hoping they would find something else in there to hold me for or they were going to watch my car and wait for me to pick it up…but I had my friend pick it up the next day.

So, they took me to the police station handcuffed, once inside the pitiful trailer they handcuffed my ankles to the bench as well. In the meantime, my boyfriend is walking to the bank to come up with this ridiculous amount of money for such a ridiculous charge. While I was sitting on the bench they were asking me questions, and then they were discussing whether to give me a ticket for the faulty light or just for not having an operators license. Once my boyfriend arrived with they money they released us free to walk home – lucky us. By this time it’s 2:00 am and freezing outside. My court date is the following week. I called a couple lawyers to try and get some advice. I was really close to trying to fight the entire thing or having it transferred to Franklin County Courts – but the lawyer fees were double what I had to pay in bail money. Every lawyer that I talked to didn’t have one nice to say about the New Rome district… they said they have never heard of anyone being arrested for this charge – but when I told them where I was ticketed, they said it didn’t surprise them one bit. So, I went to court and plead no contest. I brought my new Ohio Drivers license with me and they charged me with no-ops - $75 fine and kept 10% of my bail money.

I had never been in a court room like this – it was like a classroom. The cops passed around piece of paper before court even started…giving you the "new rome rules." They made us initial and sign this piece of paper agreeing to all sorts of bull. All of the charges in that court room that day were as ridiculous as mine – they were making a killing off of us all!


#2 Runaround

I sped through New Rome. I didn't do it on purpose. I don't want any pity for the fact that I got the ticket. I looked down and looked up and missed the sign. That's my fault. I sped. What isn't my fault is that right in the middle of a 45 mph zone, those crooks decided to put a glaringly obvious speed trap. Then they give me a ticket, but conveniently tell me to "call in" to find out how much I need to pay. I was planning on fighting it or at least appearing in court, but again I screwed up. I didn't go and I didn't call. My ticket was due on Friday.

So Monday I was going to take my lunch hour to go pay it and get it taken care of, but before I could, two nice police officers come to see me at my work. The receptionist buzzes me, and says that I have two visitors in the lobby. I come up the steps and run face to face into two cops holding a picture of me that completely takes up an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I stuttered out, "Is this about my ticket?" in complete astonishment and they said yes and that I had to go with them. Now picture this, I'm 25 years old, the worst thing I've ever done was getting this speeding ticket and now I'm being arrested for it at my place of employment! 

Ok, so they walk me down to get my purse and then take me outside and put me in the cruiser. Once in the cruiser, they HANDCUFFED me and drove me down to the trailer they call a police station. On the way there, the Sgt. is telling me jokes and trying to make me laugh while I'm struggling to wipe the tears away because my hands are cuffed. We finally get there and I asked if I could have the handcuffs taken off because there is a large construction crew working close by and they tell me no that it's policy to keep them on until I get in the station. Then I'm told to sit on the lovely bench while they process my warrant. The guy finally comes out and tells me that I owe $103 for the ticket and $50 for the warrant.

I paid the atrocious amount and then they had the gall to ask me if I knew Spanish. I said no and they said, "Oh, we have an inmate coming in and he only speaks Spanish." These idiots think that I'm actually going to translate for them after what they've put me through! You've got to be kidding. Then they tell me that I need to find my own ride back to work. I called a friend from work and she comes and gets me. We get back and a few people had seen what was going on, but not everyone. Thank God. So I think the nightmare's over and I could chalk it up as a MAJOR lesson learned.

But it gets better...this happened in November, and last month I received a letter in the mail that my license had been suspended. I quickly jumped on-line to get the transaction number from when the check card debit had gone through. Then on Monday I called New Rome. They said, "Oops, your file was accidentally put in the wrong pile." I said, "That's great, now what do I have to do to fix this." They told me that I had to come back to New Rome and pick up a Release of Forfeiture and take it clear out on the east side to have my license reinstated. I couldn't believe it! I live 30 minutes from either location and because they screwed up I had to take time off and run all over the city. I told the guy at New Rome to try to fax over the forfeiture so I wouldn't have to take time off of work. He did and gave me a number to call to make sure that it was taken care of

The ladies and gentleman of the BMV proceeded to treat me as if I was a serial killer and kept asking me why I had lost my license in the first place, needless to say, they were very condescending. I repeatedly told them, that it was mistakingly revoked but their attitudes didn't change. Finally, I had to call New Rome again and have them call. Still nothing. In my last desperate attempt, I finally spoke to Jay at the BMV who within 1 minute walked to the fax machine and said, "Done. It's all taken care of." So five days later, and what seemed like a thousand minutes on hold I was a legal driver again.

#1 Family Affair

Here is a perfect example of how "great" New Rome is.  My husband and I were leaving my shop that I had above the barber shop in New Rome. As we pulled out of the parking lot a New Rome officer started to follow us.  He pulled us over but refused to tell us what for. As he was entering our information on his handy little computer in his car, I called my mother from my cell phone. Knowing how New Rome is, I asked her if she would come and get my two year old son that was with us. This was a very cold February night. When my mother came to get him I stepped out of the car to get my son out. As I stepped out of the car the officer, who we call Humpty, told my mother to leave and told me to get back in the car.

Humpty told my mom to "Leave my crime scene." What a joke. Anyways, my mom told him that she would go wait across the street until we were finished. (She was still trying to get my son out of the car) In a flash so quick Mr. Humpty grabbed me and threw me against the cruiser, put my hands behind my back and cuffed me. I kept asking him why he was doing this and finally after he had me in the back of the cruiser he told me that I was going to jail because I took a swing on an officer.


At this time Humpty's twin brother, yes really his twin brother, who we call Dumpty, arrived at the "scene" and brutally arrested my ill of health mother. Dumpty put her in the back of his cruiser then went to get my husband who through this whole ordeal said nothing, did nothing, just sat in the car. He grabbed my husband out of the car, threw him on the ground, jammed his knee into his back and handcuffed him.

He looked at another officer that was there and said "Is this right? I did not do anything?" Humpty and Dumpty put my husband in the cruiser with me and when they did I asked Humpty if I could call my sister to come and get my son because it was so cold outside and he has serious heart condition that too much time in the cold could be deadly for him. Keep in mind that the whole time this transpired my boy was sitting in the back seat of the car with no heat, crying, terrified and soaking wet because the cops frightened him so bad that he peed his pants. And after they took my husband from the car he was alone! Humpty told me that my sister could not come and get him because I assaulted an officer and he was going to go to Children Services and put in a foster home. I was terrified, this sorry excuse of a human being was going to use his position of power and take my son away. And who would believe me over a cop?

After this my father showed up and talked Humpty into letting him take my son to his house and get him a change of clothes. Humpty told my father that he would have to bring my son to the police station where he would be taking us, after he got my son changed. If my father did not do this they would come after him. So they finally took us to the New Rome Cubicle, a.k.a New Rome police station, and my father brought my son back. My little baby had to see his mother, father, and grandmother handcuffed to chairs and benches. He was so scared. All of this because these officers wanted to show their "power." Humpty finally called the Lt. The  Lt. told him to give all of us tickets and set a court date. Humpty looked in a big three ring binder and said to me and I quote, "What am I going to charge you with? There are so many choices." This binder he had was a list of different kinds of charges.

He finally settled on three, none of which were the reason for us being pulled over. Finally, with all of us getting our tickets and paying our fines, we went home. When my court date came up I requested a change of venue, any one can do this, got a court appointed attorney and went to my first court date in Franklin County. It was continued and New Rome hired themselves and attorney. This was before they hired him permanetly. I refused to plea bargain because I did nothing wrong, my attorney got it thrown out for something wrong with the paper work. New Romes lawyer said he was going downstairs to refile it. I just looked at him and smiled. They never refilled and I got all of my money back!! Too bad New Rome, you lost that one. In the end it ended up costing them money, not me!!
They did not get one dime from me. I could have cut this story short but I wanted to put the whole morbid thing down so everyone can see the real truth.

This is the little boy from the story.


Thanks everyone for their stories. 
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