UPDATE: ODOT removed this traffic light in July, 2003.


Yellow Light Watch

We often get "how can we help" e-mails.  Here's something we need people to keep an eye on.  New Rome only has ONE traffic light in its jurisdiction.  Contrary to popular belief, the lights at Norton and Rome-Hilliard are NOT in New Rome.  Their only intersection is the controversial light at East Street, seen here during the last March on New Rome:

Normally, the yellow light sequence on this light is set at 4 seconds, which gives motorists a reasonable amount of time to clear the intersection before it turns red.
This was set by ODOT.  We've heard rumors that NRPD sometimes sets the yellow light interval to just two seconds.  However, members of the New Rome Sucks crew recently timed this light and it was set properly.

If you observe the yellow light interval on this light at less than four seconds, please call ODOT or contact us immediately.

We've mentioned this before, but will revist the subject: why is this light even necessary?  It allows traffic from New Rome's lonely sidestreets to make easier left turns but that's about it.  We know NRPD loves to run license plates while cars are stopped here, and having a too-short yellow would mean even more ticket writing opportunities.

Another thing I just noticed is that this intersection is tagged for "No Turn On Red", that's pretty unusual except at intersections with high traffic or poor visibility. While Broad Strett has a lot of traffic, I don't think the side streets do.  Another New Rome thing, no doubt.