The village cannot be displayed
The village council you are looking for is hiding and is currently unavailable. The village might be experiencing legal difficulties, or you may need to adjust your speedometer settings.

Please try the following:

  • Click the refresh.gif (82 bytes) Dissolve button, or try to vote again later.
  • If you drive to an address in New Rome, make sure that your license plate light bulb is installed correctly.
  • To check for corruption, skip the Fools on the New Rome Council, and then check your Legal Options. Apparently if you have the right Connections, you do not have to operate in a legal manner. This set up should match that provided by your local area speed trap (LAS) administrator who can juggle the books and ignore legally elected officials.
  • If your State Auditor has enabled it, the Ohio Department of Transportation can examine your village and automatically discover if it is a corrupt, illegal speed trap.
    If you would like
    ODOT to try and discover this,
    click Detect Speed Trap Detect Speed Trap.
  • Some villages require 128 bucks just to drive through so their police can provide security. This security includes handcuffing and arresting people at their workplaces outside of the New Rome jurisdiction for such offences as
    a passenger not having a buckled seat belt.
  • If you are trying to reach a village site, make sure your finances can support it. Open your wallet, and then check your available cash to make sure you can cover the fines and impound fees, since despite the fact that the State of Ohio recognizes that gross financial irregularities are a regular occurrence and the speed reduction along this small section of Broad St. is illegal, they do not have the legal authority to stop the gang of crooks who run this ridiculous little toll booth with a population of 50.
  • Click the Back button to try to find a real community.

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