The Third March on New Rome

Saturday April 26, 2003 12 Noon


Jim made an announcement that he would be walking into the village and warned that anyone chosing to join him would be subject to arrest, per Sgt. Carmony.  About 2/3rd of the marchers, including children walked to New Rome's southern edge, and turned east toward Columbus for a couple blocks before walking back up East St. 

Sarge watched incredulously as the group emerged back on Broad St.  At first he asked the dispatcher to call "Franklin County" (meaning the Sheriff's Department), but then rescinded the order.  It didn't sound like he had a contingency plan for the marchers not following his orders. 

As the entire march regrouped, we crossed Broad and headed toward Maple Street, where the Trailer of Injustice is located.  Carmony made an illegal U-turn in front of the New Rome Motel to keep up with us. Note the nonexistent sidewalk.

Once again, many marchers defied Sgt. Carmony and walked up Maple St. to outside the Trailer of Injustice.  Carmony, the only officer on duty (which we found odd) could only watch.  Note that the marchers are in front of the Prairie Township building, which is just outside of New Rome.


Carmony radioed his dispatcher again and this time requested that Franklin County Sheriff respond.  The dispatcher replied that the Sheriff's supervisor had been notified, but they were "very busy" and "could not give an ETA."

The crowd started to break up soon after and Carmony had his dispatcher call off Franklin County.


Just after the news media left, Carmony pulled into the parking lot and asked Jim to come talk with him.  Jim refused and Carmony left his vehicle, and walked 20 feet into a hostile crowd.  If this was police work, it was sloppy.  I think this was personal.

Words were exchanged.  Carmony acted like he and Jim had a gentleman's agreement that was broken.  Jim simply replied that he had heard the rules and had chosen not to follow them.

The crowd started to pepper Carmony with general sneers about New Rome, his illegal U-turn, etc. and he stormed away with a "yeah whatever".

One big victory for the day, in the two hours we were in the area...Carmony managed ZERO traffic stops!