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Posted by Jim on 4/8/04

I'm sorry for not posting anything recently, but still there isn't much going on.  News stories are few and far between!

Thank goodness we have our buddy Ben Crites to give us news when it happens.

New Rome is unable to hold meeting

I wish I knew what Connie's motivation is to keep New Rome alive.  Their police have been gone for nine months and I'm willing to bet their crime statistics haven't changed.  It's obvious the few Villagers in that area aren't too concerned with things or Connie wouldn't have to go door to door to seek out council members.  Really pathetic.

Since New Rome stories are few and far between I think I'm going to start reporting on an interesting story out of Kirkersville where ex-New Rome Solicitor, John Galasso, is still the magistrate.  According to one of our readers her daughter was pulled over and ticketed for running a stop sign that was well out of compliance with the State guidelines.  She went to the court and presented her evidence.  The case was transferred to their county court and before the day in court the police went to her house and told her they were amending her ticket with other charges.  I guess things got ugly and they had to call in the police of her local area.

Perhaps someone out there wants to start

I'll post the full stories from the email I received soon.

I have updated the Players page to reflect the changes.

Posted by Drema on 3/18/04

I just had to make sure the New Rome Sucks Supporters are aware of the latest article in the Westside Messenger.  Connie Tucker actually believes that New Rome will SURVIVE!!!!!  I wonder what she did to poor Nancy Chapman, it is reported in the Westside Messenger that Nancy Chapman RESIGNED, yes you read that correctly she RESIGNED!!!!  It states that Mayor Tucker (hahahhahaha) had David Tisler take oath and actually sign it, she is doing things correctly NOW!!!!  This is making my sides hurt laughing.  Why would they waste their time???  They do not have the rent-a-cops there to produce money!  I wonder, who is paying the attorney fees??  I bet some money turned up SOMEWHERE, maybe in that other shed, in a garage???  Hmm never can tell in New Rome.  I would think these people who get a hobby, besides trying to pretend they are educated enough to run any type of community.  We all know how that has went in the past.  I am just glad that all the supporters of New Rome Sucks helped get rid of the police corruption, the main goal was achieved.  I can drive down STATE ROUTE 40 and not worry about having to stop at the light, nor the trailer aka Mayor Court/jail/Administrative Building/weapon storage/records storage/etc.

I hope we can have some type of celebration soon!!!  I would like to commend Petro on fighting this case himself!!!!


Posted by Michael on 2/28/04

No big drama in the trial this week, but thanks to Ben Crites of Suburban Newspapers, there is detailed coverage of it:

Legal teams pursue summary judgment in New Rome case

This boils down to there won't be a traditional trial with witnesses being called.  The proceedings have been called into recess until March 9th.

Posted by Michael on 2/22/04

A surprise article in this morning's Dispatch...something I didn't expect.  It seems that the Franklin County Sheriff Department has been busy at the New Rome trailer recently.  Over 40 assorted guns along with drugs were confiscated under by order of state Attorney General Jim Petro's office.  I really love the babbling comments by former Police Chief Cunningham, claiming only a few guns were stored there.  There has been no implications of wrongdoings with regards to the stored items.

A lawsuit to dissolve the village gets underway this week, so we'll have more updates as information becomes available!

Weapons, drugs removed from storage in New Rome (registration required)

Guns taken from shut down department (ONN News)

Posted by Jim on 2/9/04

I guess it's time for another update!

I'll throw a list of links I have!

New Rome: Motion filed to resolve traffic fees, fines

That's great!  I can't believe any real court would uphold much of the crap tickets New Rome made. 

New Rome citations still stand

I wish I still had my ticket so I could be seen in a REAL court.  Best thing was Connie trying to get people to mail her the money.  ha ha ha  How funny is that!  I don't even think she can remove a suspension since it would have been the magistrate who ordered it.

Posted by Jim on 1/19/04

The first post of the New!  Yeah yeah yeah I'm late taking my tree down!  I like to build up a few things though to keep it exciting!

First we have a new article from Ben Crites of

Judge calls for status conference in New Rome case

It's funny to see Connie Tucker saying things like "I question the constitutionality of H.B. 24."  She's just being a parrot.  She heard it from someone and now that is what they say over and over.  If they really were against it why didn't they show up and oppose it while it was still being discussed in the House and Senate.

I didn't realize that Ed resigned.  I do find it funny that Nyce said Connie isn't the mayor.  ha  Just gets better and better!

Another great quote "I feel like this is a bad law and somebody needs to fight against it"  Hey Connie!  That is what we the people have been saying about New Rome for a long time now.  Maybe you should start a website!

You can watch the status of the New Rome case here:

Franklin County Justice System

Case # 03 CV 013145 - Enjoy!

This Friday the 23rd 20/20 will be re-airing the New Rome Sucks story as part of Johns favorite Give Me a Break stories.

I saw something in the Dispatch recently that really shocked me:

Severed gas line leaves about 2,000 homes in cold

and if you don't have access to the Dispatch, this is what I'm talking about:

"About 2,000 homes in New Rome lost heat yesterday"

Whoa!  Whoa!  Stop the presses!  Did I miss something!?!?  Did New Rome have a population boom that I wasn't aware of?  I think Steve Stephens needs to find who wrote this and give them 10 lashes.  This type of article will make people think New Rome is some major  populous!

Lastly, I got an email from Chip Rowe, Associate Editor for Playboy, asking if I would be interested in writing a letter to the Editor of the Playboy Forum about all this!  So go out and buy it in May and you can really mean it when you tell them you are buying it for the articles! 

Posted by Jim on 12/30/03

What a year it has been!  I wanted to get one more post up before 2003 ended!  It's been some year and as I look through the archives and see the state New Rome is currently in I'm proud to have been part of all.

John Kazalia sent me this link:

Central Ohioan of the Year

All I can say is wow.  Thanks a lot John!   I really appreciate it.  it hasn't been an easy fight and far be it for me to take the spot light.  I want to give thanks to some great people!

My best friend and wife Dreama.  She's helped kept me going all this time and always believed in me.  I love you buddy!

Michael came in and helped me keep the site fresh and up to date.  Believe me when I say it takes a LOT of time to have a site like this.  In particular when a highly publicized event came up and we got slammed with emails and updates.

Kevin kept the fun pictures coming in and help redesign the whole site!  It took a lot of work and is greatly appreciated.

If I list everyone then this update will take forever!  So I'm just going to say thank you to everyone who has helped support me and New Rome's fall.

Posted by Michael on 12/20/03

Hi!  Just wanted to get another article up before we all get too busy with Christmas!

Kevin sent us this one in, and it's incredible:

Village ordered to give up cruisers

Sounds like the former Sgt. Carmony wasn't keeping a watchful eye on the New Rome police cruisers that he had custody of since the collapse of the police department in June.  

Posted by Jim on 12/18/03

I drove on 70W and the New Rome signs are GONE GONE GONE!  Yay!  Anyone at O.D.O.T. know where I can get one?  I know it's huge, but it would be so cool!

Story from Steve Stephens - No Tax Budget Nothing New In New Rome

Posted by Jim on 12/4/03

I got a Tale of Woe today from Ed and wanted to share it.  Another victim happy to see New Rome get theirs:

It has been with a great sense of satisfaction that I have watched first hand the implosion of the corrupt "officials" running the show in New Rome.  I am a government teacher in the community adjacent to New Rome, and their ineptitude has been a sparkling example of how not to conduct a "government" at the local level.  My story with the New Romans dates back to 1989 when I was a newly hired teacher and coach in the community.  The first year of the mail-in registration process for license plates in Ohio was a real mess.  I sent my payment in, but there was such a response that there was a six-week backlog on sending out stickers.  A letter detailing the problem was sent to anyone affected, along with instructions to keep the letter in your car until the sticker arrived.  As I was leaving football practice one fall evening, I was pulled over by one of New Rome's finest because the current sticker was not affixed to my plates.  Being a new resident to the area, I was not at all concerned, especially since the DMV had sent a letter clearing up the situation.  When I explained the problem to the "officer", he returned with the letter to his cruiser and told me to wait while he checked on the story.  This was my first experience with ever being pulled over, even to this day I have received no tickets of any kind, so I figured the matter would be resolved quickly.  Imagine my surprise when I looked into my rear view mirror and saw two
officers approaching my car with their guns drawn; one a chrome-plated shotgun.  The arresting "officer" chambered the round of the shot gun, pointed it in my face and instructed me to exit the car and walk to the back of the vehicle.  As members of my football team drove by, as well as students from my classes, I was handcuffed, placed in the back of the
cruiser, and told to keep my mouth shut as my car was searched for any "incriminating evidence."  I was told that I was being placed under arrest because of a warrant that had been issued for me, and that my car was being impounded.  After  about an hour of humiliating, painful waiting in handcuffs in the back of a cruiser, I was notified that a further check of my information had resulted in what they termed as a "mistaken identity."
My car was left with the back seats removed, which I had to fix when I finally got home, and the "Chief of Police" arrived to tell me that regardless of what the DMV had told me, I was still being fined $96 for having no sticker and $96 for the warrant that had been issued.  He also advised me that if I planned to remain in the community I would pay the fines and keep "my nose clean."  When I got home that night I contacted an attorney and a man I had worked for in college, who at that time sat on the state board for the Fraternal Order of Police.  By the next morning my attorney and my former employer had each contacted the New Rome Mayor's Court to notify them that the matter was being bound over to the Franklin County Municipal Court System, and that the F.O.P. Board was interested in
the matter, as well.  That afternoon I received a call from the mayor at that time requesting a meeting with himself and the two officers involved.  At a hastily prepared meeting I was informed that all charges were being dropped, and a letter had been prepared for me to post in the locker room and my classroom explaining that a mistake had been made.  When I asked what warrant had come up in the first place, I was told that I had been mistaken for a sixteen-year-old runaway.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have not had enough hair to look like a sixteen-year-old since I was fourteen, so that's unlikely, not to mention that that would be an interesting way to deal with a young runaway. The two officers were
admonished in front of me, and I was assured that there would be no further problems.  Having had a chance to view New Rome's repeated, complete dismissal of any and all rights of due process, it has been truly rewarding to see the complete dismantling of a truly corrupt institution.  It is also rewarding to know that my "clean-nosed" teaching career in this
community will outlast the inept regime that took so many liberties with the powers of a local level of government, and that justice has finally been served.

Jim says:

Wow Ed.  I read a T.o.W. like yours and some others I'm thankful my pull over was uneventful though I still feel on edge when I'm in New Rome territory.  Waiting for one of the fanatics to attack me for "what I did" to them.  Funny how that works.

Also have a letter from Dave:

Jim, I have been following your website for years now.  Here is an article in This Week News about the Petro filing.  What I found interesting is that he plans to fight this in court personally which the article states is very unusual for an Attorney General to do.  Just goes to show how much he supports this and wants it to happen.

Petro files lawsuit to dissolve New Rome

Jim says:

I must say that I am very impressed with Petro and how he hasn't let up on them.  He has my vote for any future offices!

Posted by Jim on 12/1/03

I couldn't ask for a better Christmas present!

Attorney General Jim Petro Files Lawsuit to Dissolve New Rome

The Complaint in PDF Format

Wow!  Most of the council is holding seats illegally if I'm reading this right.  I'm not even past the 3rd page!  Good stuff!

Send me your comments!

Posted by Jim on 11/25/03

In case you missed it:  The State Auditors Report in PDF format  Thanks Steve!

I got a report that Kirkersville PD is causing some people trouble.  Not a surprise really.  John Galasso is still working down there from what I'm told.  Pete Beagle is gone though.  The people of Kirkersville need to fight corruption and control the government by the means given to you!  You can remove corrupt public officials and replace them with people who want to do the right thing.

I am in the process of putting a new website together that will allow people to post a T.o.W. about anywhere in the U.S. and exploit the abuse people are tired of getting from these towns.

Posted by Jim on 11/17/03

Good news from the front!

Betty Montgomery sent her recommendation to Jim Petro today that New Rome should be dissolved.  Now we just need Jim to take it to the court system and we can finally be rid of this blight on Ohio.

State Auditor Want News Rome Dissolved

Posted by Michael on 11/8/03

Finally an article (registration required) on the confusion surrounding the election Tuesday.  Connie Tucker won the mayor's spot with nine votes.  The councilmember race got pretty muddy.

Incumbents David Tisler, Brenda Adkins, Patricia McCormick and Nancy Chapman all ran.  However, according to election officials, only two of the seats were open.   Tisler and McCormick finished first and second.  Time will tell, but its likely to be settled in court as appointments are again likely.

Posted by Jim on 11/3/03

2 posts in 2 days!  Whoa!  Burning up the web now!

Just wanted to share a new photo for the new month!

Posted by Jim on 11/2/03

Hey everyone!  Sorry there has been no update for so long.  Not much going on around New Rome these days beside the monthly council meeting.

I do have a couple things though!

We have a link to the story Ben wrote!  It's a great story so please check it out!

Looks like the old guard will control New Rome again after this coming election with Connie Tucker as Mayor and Branislace Adkins, Nancy Chpman, Patricia McCormick, and David Tisler as Council Members.  This is according to the Board of Elections web site.  I really hope the state gets them dissolved before they rebuild their police force.  I don't think they will be getting LEADS back any time soon though so that should slow them down some.

Time for another....................

Well Jimbo, it's pretty much over for the village, so why don't you just quit all this dung.  You caused a few people pain and also a few people to lose their jobs, what else do you want??  The officers who went thru lots of training with the state are having a very hard time trying to keep their careers going, and I can blame a very select group of bloodsuckers for that.  Again I ask, What else do you want??  I know your gonna put this on the site and say " New Rome Lover Alert ", but it's not about that.  It's about trashing people's reputations.  I hope you can sleep at nite knowing that a few people are still unemployed and are struggling after 6 months.   In my opinion  YOU ALL SUCK

Jim says:

Wait!  Hold on!  Stop the presses!  What the heck do you mean I caused this?  Isn't New Rome the one who were breaking the law and abusing the people for decades?!   I simply provide an outlet for the people and they came to me with their stories.  I spread the word of New Rome's ways.  As much as I would like to say I waved a magic wand and *poof* they were gone, that isn't what happened.  I simply started a web site and brought the angry people together to stand up to the problem.  New Rome was New Rome's biggest problem.  They trashed themselves.

These mails really disappoint me.  They're never based on facts and again the author never posts their name!  We like to know who is defending New Rome.  Take credit for your brave act!

The meeting is coming up this Tuesday.  I will be there!  With the way things are going in New Rome it looks like we will be having a 4th march!  The October march didn't happen since their police force was suspended and West Broad St has been free since.  I'm sure that will only last until the old guard is back in control.

Posted by Jim on 10/10/03

So the old guard has to pay the legal fees of $16,000.  Wow.  That's a nice chunk of change.

One story we didn't get to post was from our friend Ben Crites at Suburban New Publications.  For whatever reason they didn't publish it on the site, but Ben sent me a copy.  On thing that sticks in mind is that John Carmony was found in contempt of court for messing with Kinsley when he tried to serve the court papers at the Pitiful Hall.  He was ordered to pay $5000 by the beginning of October or pay a $5000 fine.  I heard he paid the fine.  Too bad.  I think the guys in the pokey would have liked him.

I wonder why ODOT never changed the speed signs to 45MPH like they said they were going to!  Disappointing.  I haven't been by New Rome for some time, but I heard that one of their green signs were missing now.  Everyone wants a piece of "Rome" I guess.

Posted by Michael on 10/6/03

The lawsuit pitting the old and new guards in a courtroom showdown has been called off.  Mayor Jamie Mueller feels that the state will dissolve New Rome soon, and that the lawsuit will no longer be necessary.  Read the story here from Channel 10, or here for the Dispatch (registration req'd)

Posted by Michael on 9/22/03

Another three weeks without an update!  New Rome's old guard won a small victory with the board of elections, who recently ruled that Brenda Adkins gets the appointment of the vacant council seat.  Mayor Mueller wanted Karen Anthony to get the spot.  The Dispatch's article is here.

With New Rome on the ropes, I'd like to throw out some information on Valleyview.  Click here to visit "The Valleyview Voice", a strange little newsletter put out by one side of warring council factions (sound familiar?)  Read through the entries and you'll find some very interesting diatribes against several of the council members.  Too bad New Rome's old guard council haven't fired up their AOL accounts to do the same!

Posted by Jim on 9/2/03

Ahhh nothing like a little meeting to get the blood pumping!  Todays meeting was a lot of fun.  Started out with Jamie allowing Ed wife to sit in on the council and vote.  He said that Brenda (the bad council's person) could sit in and have her vote recorded, but she wasn't there.  So they complained about this.  Then they went through a few items of business and the item of a Village Solicitor was brought up.  David said he didn't have any thing for it.  Ed Anthony proposed Kinsley Nyce.  The room temperature went up 20 degrees as the motion was passed with a split council and Jamie casting the deciding vote.  The old guard got up and left while Connie pleaded with them to stay and then joined them.  Their lawyer went out to speak to them as well.  Kinsley tried to talk to them, but they ignored him when he said they were welcome to have Brenda there to cast a vote.  After the remaining members passed an ordinance to prohibit parking on US 40.  Connie came back and said that since it wasn't an official meeting we had to leave because she had to lock up.  They all but ignored her and she left.  The meeting adjourned because most of the business needed Connie's numbers.

And so end another episode of the New Rome Follies.

On another note....that hate mail I got from last month after the meeting.  Maybe they will respond to this message too.

Enough is enough already, you are starting to sound like an idiot. Who cares what you have to say about anything, you had nothing to do with what happened In New Rome. You just came along at the right time and they used you like they have everyone else. Now you think you are all that. and you think its some big deal to say you are the one getting the police departments closed. like vallyview is so bad because your dad got a ticket.. who cares.....If you think your so tough go after a bigger police department IM sure someone you know has gotten a ticket in Franklin County or Columbus.. no you wont open your mouth because you know what would happen you would find your big ugly mug sitting behind bars. and your comment about wanting to ask there Sgt. if he was enjoying his vacation. are you a child ? are you proud that all those people lost there jobs. and IM sure your comment to the deputy about bringing the Sgt. an application really impressed him..hahah.. like they care who you are or what you have to say.  and the coke machine got repossed if you have been in public offices where there are vending machines you know they didn't own that it was just put in there buy coke so you are wrong again, you have a lot of misunderstandings in your rag, you call but someone that thinks they are as important as you think you are can only see one side of anything. and before you jump on your site and say that I am a New Rome lover, I just want you to know that I have never been thur the village of New Rome, nor am I married to anyone there or related to anyone. I am just someone who wanted to tell you how little respect I have for you and your site and you are not the star you think you are. so keep on playing a bigshot. just as new Rome did whatever they did your fame will soon end then you will go back to being just a nobody just like before. actually you should thank New Rome for making you  the celebrity you think you are now you can say you have some friends.. congrats...hahahahah...

Jim says:

I heard all this stuff a couple years ago.  Come up with some NEW stuff.  Please!  People said I would go to jail if I had a march in New Rome.  I didn't.  People said if I went to the meeting I would go to jail.  I didn't.  So on and so forth.  The fact is this land allows freedom of speech and I'm taking advantage of it.  If Columbus was a bunch of low down people who were out of control you can bet I would speak out against them.  The fact is NO system is perfect, but there are a lot more checks and balances in the Columbus PD or any large city PD that tries to correct the wrongs.  As for me being a child, what can I say.  I'll always be a Toys R Us kid.

You know the funny thing about people like yourself?  You always claim not to be part of New Rome or have no interest (odd you're reading the site) but you never give a name or tell me WHY you even bother to write in.

To you and all AOL users:  I can NOT reply to any emails sent to you because AOL blocks all mail that doesn't follow this crazy list of mail server specifications.  I can appreciate wanting to block SPAM, but they take it to a new limit.  Block everything until you PROVE you're not SPAM.  That's the AOL way.

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