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Greetings All:

Everyone I talk to and everything I read, seems to reflect nothing but disgust for the New Rome police department. Well with all this negativity, I thought that I would send you a letter of PRAISE? Yes I did say praise! You see it wasn't too long ago when the New Rome Nazi department made my day.

Prior to graduating from OSU, I was working close to New Rome doing some demolition work. Around noon time on this particular day, my buddy and I decided to break for lunch. We decided to go to my brother's house in Alton for some eats. I warned him about New Rome and their speed traps. So we carefully and cautiously began passing through New Rome, monitoring our speed the entire time. When all of the sudden the Gestapo pulled us over!!!

Now picture this for a moment. Two guys wearing hard hats and white dirty tee-shirts, driving down the streets of New Rome in an old beat-up work truck. Immediate grounds to be pulled over in New Rome. Well after Icabod Crane gets out of his car, along come Dumb&Dumber or actually Fat&Fatter to assist.   Still with me? Great!

Now here's where the fun begins!!  My buddy doesn't have his license with him so he is immediately arrested. He gets out of the truck and is patted down and then handcuffed. I asked Fat & Fatter what is going on they told me, "sit tight, your ticket is on the way." "What ticket," I asked. "The ticket for not having your seat belt on."

Now 15 minutes later Fat&Fatter come back to the passenger side window of the truck and hand me this ticket with no court date on it. I told them I wanted a court date. Well if you know anything about the New Rome Nazi(s) and I'm sure you do, you know that they like to dominate at all times. Feeling threatened Fat says to me "save yourself money and just pay the ticket." My reply, " yeah I know but I still want that court date." So Fat makes the call and gets me my court date. In the meantime my buddy has been put in the back of Icabod's car. I asked Fat&Fatter, "what about his truck, can I drive it back to the site?" Sit tight and we'll see.

So another 15-20 minutes pass and Fat&Fatter wobble back to the passenger side window of the truck. "Here just sign this release and you can drive the truck away." So as I began to sign the release I stopped. "I would like the names of all officers involved here today with this stop." Puzzled, Fat looks at me and screams, "WE'RE NOT OUT HERE TO PLAY THESE MICKEY MOUSE GAMES." I calmly replied, "Sir I'm fifteen inches away not fifteen miles, if this is the way we're going to communicate then, (yelling) I CAN DO THAT TO." Fatter backs out of Fat's way and Fat tears the release paper out of my hand, he opens the door and orders me out of the vehicle. So I get out of the truck, "put your hands behind your back and turn around, NOW." I did as Fat said and before I knew it the walrus had taken my left arm (bent behind my back) and pushed its elbow toward my right ear. Naturally,  I buckle from the pain. To make it worse, the ton of lard leans all his weight against me causing me to be bent over the bed of the truck. As the Nazi is laying on me he screams, "NOW WHO IS IN CHARGE?" I still managed to reply, "I'm not disputing that your the officer in charge, I simply want everyone's name." Well he handcuffed me and put in the back off his car.

For approximately 10 minutes I sat handcuffed in the back seat of the Nazi wagon. Fat walks back to his car tells me to get out and hands me a slip of paper with everyone's name on it. He said, "I'm sorry things got out of hand, but please understand we have a job to do." I said nothing. I signed the release, got into the truck and drove back to the site. The following week I met with my attorney   I provided him with a detailed written account of what happened and a copy of my medical findings. He took the case and we began battle with the New Rome Nazi(s).

So where is the Praise? Actually there really isn't any if you think about it. Well in a way, yes there is. While I didn't enjoy the violation of my civil rights and I didn't enjoy the injuries; I did enjoy the: motorcycles, the boat, the savings, and ample nights of fine dining. Compliments of the New Rome Nazi(s).

Maybe I should drive through that town again while there is still in existence.   Who knows maybe this time they'll buy me a nice house!!! :) Thank You,   you Nazi bastards!!!



WOW…saw the show last night on 20/20 about the terrible treatment the New Rome police are inflicting on your community. I live in Richmond, VA and I can feel your pain. I think everyone in America has been mistreated in one way or another, but you are feeling the heat a lot more. It’s disappointing that elected officials act like criminals…and get away with it.

[One detail 20/20 left out was New Rome hasn't elected an official since 1979, they've all been appointed (except current Mayor Jamie Mueller.)]

we saw the show on 20/20 and we would like to be notified of the results of the vote tues. does it look like any criminal charges will be brought against these officers or town officials?

good luck in your efforts. your web site is a wonderful way to expose injustice.

I worked with a police department nearby New Rome Ohio, (I am not a police officer) give me a break with these stories. Stop your crying, I've never heard such babies.
It is illegal to have any obstruction on your license plate that's the law and IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE TO THE LAW. Its not illegal to sell license plate covers but it is illegal to use them THATS THE LAW so give me a break. Every time you people get a ticket you have to push the blame somewere else, ITS YOUR FAULT not anyone elses. And now that one person has created a web site purely to push the blame somewere else now the entire town is innocent of there tickets. I find that hard to believe that EVERYONE who gets a tickets in New Rome is innocent give me a break. Pay your tickets and move out but do something because blaming the police and claiming that these man and women are lying about whether or not you were wearing your seatbelt, or whether or not you were speeding is just unbelivable.
If you people are so upset get the penal code for your county and do your homework because IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE! so give me a break.

Just by chance, when turning on the TV last night a few minutes before the local news was to come on, I caught the tail end of 20/20 and the article on New Rome, OH. Your "New Rome Sucks" address and website is a mastermind of an idea!

I live in Chestertown, NY, a very small town (not as small as yours!) in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. While our town doesn't fit into the description you have of yours, we have a Warren County sheriff that could match your town police chief, and ironically, they both have the first name of LARRY, and last name starting with C. (Cleveland), and some deputies that could fit into Barney's uniform! As you are attempting to dissolve the corruption and end their reign, there are those who are seeking to remove our Sheriff, or at least, make it impossible for him to run for re-election. I wish you all well. Your website was the smart way to go..there is strength in numbers!

I'll be checking back for updates.
Good Luck!


New Rome wouldn't suck so much if all of you would OBEY THE LAW. Watch for the speed limit signs and GO BY THEM. They are not just put there for looks, they have a meaning. You would think you would have something better to do than ridicule your city. If it sucks so much why do you stay there? MOVE!
Your full of bull.

[Way more going on here than speeding tickets.
You didn't read much of the site.

My wife and I watched with disbelief last night as this seemingly unreal story unfolded about your police problem. If we had not seen it with our own eyes, it would be very hard to accept that as being a real life scenario.

The interview with councilman David Tisler shows his pea brain mentality and helps one to understand a little more about how the town is run. If all the town "leaders" are 2 cans short of a six pack like Mr. Tisler, I hope they dissolve the town soon before it spreads.
You have our sympathy....


Keep up the good work and hang in there! What comes around goes around!


My name is Walter Martin, I have lived in Ohio all my life. And this is happening all over the state of Ohio. For example, Sheffield Village,Ohio is very bad. And I bet if you check there is more state troopers in the state of Ohio then there is anywhere else per person. Even the split speed limit for trucks is nothing but a hazard in this state.

And its all about money. And the state of Ohio would probably protect New Rome 100%!!  But I do hope that they do get rid of that town.
Good luck and take care.


I saw your website and the story on 20/20 tonight. I had never heard of New Rome but after reading all of the horror stories you had better believe that I will stay far away! I just wanted to wish you all luck in the abolishing of this little town.


Hi Jim. The ABC special did it for you guys! You should put a petition on-line to abolish this place. We have the same problem down here in Florida in a town called Waldo. A bunch of good ole boys with nothing better to do. Even heard they gave a ticket to a guy in a speeding in a school zone on a Saturday.
Give me a break!!! Go get em! Get that petition up!

i just wanted to say that i have worked in law enforcement and corrections since 1990 and where i am from that town would not last more than two days before the governer would suspend everyone on the counsel. the town and its law enforcement are a disgrace to the code and badge. i hope for everyones sake the town ends up abolished in its election and that your governer takes steps to punish everyone involved with this scam.

I watched 20/20 tonight and thought that it was a great piece on New Rome Sucks,
It's people like you that keep everyone in check in this country. Keep up the good work!

[I love how Steve referred to New Rome as "New Rome Sucks".
I might start doing that...]

WOW!!! Just watched 20/ poor people. I absolutely love what you're doing...makes me feel proud to be an American...wonder if we all could get 20/20 to do a similar story on Washington DC...

ya know, this story reminds me of once when I went down to Tijuana, Mexico and some friends and I sat at a bar and grill in a balcony that overlooked the street below. We were close enough to hear, but not understand the spanish. we watched as the cops pulled over perfectly innocent people in their cars, driving down the main street at a speed of like 5 mph (lots of pedestrians around, so they'd go slowly, as would I) anyway, the cops would actually pull them over and you'd see them take money from these people that weren't doing anything wrong...of course, you've gotta hand it to those Mexican cops..they REALLY had no need for a station house. they just bypassed all "that" red tape...they just took their office to the streets.. maybe thats where New Rome's cops were headed...OK..that's sarcastic as hell, but hey, sure seems awfully fishy and ironic that money is missing, they are over zealous in their job, they're famous for their biligerence, etc... so very sad...really sounds like a story that should or would be happening in an uncivilized Country though...hmm...wouldn't think this would happen in our great Country...they must not be good and decent Americans...or cops...or people .................well kids...good luck...i just can't tell you how much I love what you're doing...


I just saw what was goin on in New Rome, OH on 20/20. Its really horrible to hear what New Rome is doing to the people who drive through it. I do hope they dissolve the town. I'm from Bklyn, NY. Your efforts are heard from here.
Keep it up!


You guys are awesome!!

That Ohio hick should go get his teeth fixed with some of that money!!
What a LOSER!!!!!!

Keep the fight going!!!!


Hey, just saw the 20/20 report. I live in Delaware, and after seeing that I hope New Rome get dissolved. What was with the long haired, dirty redneck that was interviewed? He's on the town counsel? LOL! Great site. New Rome Sucks!

Your web site is great! I just saw your plight on tv and it gave your web site so I am just in here surfing! I live in Ohio too. What amazes me is you say the census is 60 people with 18 being children that leave 42 adults and out of the 42 adults 14 are police officers that only leave 28 people for the 14 officers to police! 2 people for every officer, this is ridiculous!

What has happened to the people who stole the money from  New Rome? And why isn't this money used for improvemnets in New Rome?

Will I hope the people in New Rome vote to get rid of the village but who knows what unintelligent people will do? If it fails you could always get 50 adults who want to get rid of New Rome to move to New Rome and have another vote!
Then you would have the majority vote!

[Clarification: Few, if any officers live in New Rome.]

I saw the story on 20/20 tonight and I read through some of the New Rome horror stories. I've never even been to New Rome but I'd like to thank you for bringing such an abuse of power to the public eye. The scary part is there is no telling how many small towns across this country have the same kinds of practices. Good luck fighting your ticket and standing up for what is right.


And I thought the state of Louisiana was corrupt.


Right on! Our police and government are out of control everywhere, I hope this a wake-up call to all the corrupt, power drunk slobs.


I just wanted to say that I watched the segment on New Rome on tonight's edition of ABC's 20/20. I live in Nashville, TN & we had somewhat of a similar situation with a small town outside of Nashville called Lakewood. The situation was so bad with cops writing tickets to every/anyone who drove through this small town that a local news station did an investigative report that resulted in the police chief "resigning" within a day or two of it being aired, ( -there were apparent "quotas" in the # of tickets to be written for officers to follow, with apparent disregard of a genuine reason for the citation) & other changes to the way they deal with "police revenue". Television has a lot of power & I wish you & your team the best of luck in erasing that embarrasment called new rome from the Ohio map. We all pay enough in taxes as it is regardless of where we are. We don't need thieves harbored under a city hall umbrella creating & imposing new ones as we drive thru towns in our country.
Keep up the good work fellas!


After watching the segment on 20/20 about this corrupt town, I had to check out the web site.

As a tax paying, hard working American, I am appalled bywhat is going on there.
I can't believe more hasn't been done by county or state officials.

I grew up in a small town and couldn't imagine that a police force and city council could get away with such corrupt behavior. It sounds like they are all pocketing money.

I hope the vote on Feb 4th goes your way. Then someone should hire a lawyer and file charges against all these "crooks".

I will be following this story. Good luck to all of you with this fight.

A supporter in New York.

this is my second email, and for that i apologize, its just that i read shana's story in your top's a movie called "Nothing But Trouble" with Chevy Chase and Demi Moore...even has the two doofuses (humpty and dumpty)...if i lived there and had to put up with that kind of torture...gee...i don't know if i could control myself as much as your victims have. i would also say to them to please please please take these clowns to court...hock your wedding rings, sell your whatever you have to to acquire an attorney and sue BIG...these idiots are no more than terrorist in uniform.

I saw the 20/20 episode, and I want to tell you I grew up in an area that had a cop like the one in New Rome.

I sympathize with you, but the easiest thing to do is get out of town, FAST!

Good luck my friend.

[None of the crew lives in New Rome.]

Just got through watching John Stossel's ABC's 20/20 feature on New Rome. What an outstanding job you did on the interview. Kudos to Mr. Stossel and congratulations to you!   You're intelligent, articulate and credible. What a stark contrast to the village counsel member who was interviewed. He never gave one good reason why the New Rome PD should even exist. All his comments to Stossel, defending the exploitation and abuse, leave me viewing him as a low-class, greedy, half-wit!

Believe me, there are a lot of us who are really proud of you and consider you to be a true, all-American hero for getting involved, taking up the mantel for what you believe in, and having the determination to see the project of abolishing the village, one way or another, through to the finish.

"Attaway Jim and the whole New Rome Sucks crew! You're doing a great job!"


I saw the special on 20/20 and I understand why some people are mad, and I do agree that there have been some injustices done here, but I think that the reason for this whole website, your ticket, is ridiculous. There was a sign and you didn't follow it, if you went to any other city and did 42mph in a 35 zone and there was a cop around, you would get pulled over too. You are just using the stories from these other people to get out of paying your ticket, my advise, get over it, you messed up.

[Jim paid his ticket in 2001.]

You are an
All-American hero!

I have never traveled in your area, but your courage gives heart to those have had the 'New Rome' experience in other parts of the country. 
One such town is Hinton, Iowa.

Hopefully, your future will include holding public office. Your willingness to live by and stand up for freedom principles is greatly to be commended.

Congratulations on your good work.

Rick from Colorado

As long as I can remember the Ohio State Police have ruled the highways of your area with an iron fist. Issuing tickets for one over in a 55 MPH zone.

Well, I guess I would rather have that than the obviously corrupt forces that you have in your town.

Keep fighting the good fight and we here in Michigan will fiddle with you when the news of the fall of New Rome comes north!

GREAT job on the 20/20 program!!

Now the whole country knows what many of us have known for years; That New Rome Sucks!.

Kinda wish I lived there, so I could vote next week.
Keeping my fingers crossed for abolishment.







We saw you Guys on 20-20, what a beat, phony tickets and robbery! Good luck in the election to rid yourself of these liars and thieves. That guy that represented the "town", is he just Trailer Park trash or what? Where is New Rome anyway? We cannot seem to find it on the Rand Mcnally. How would travelers know how to avoid it? Have you contacted your State Attorney General? We know here in North Carolina the Attorney General will assist in any form of Fraud. Fight like "Hell" an never give up


The cash crop city of New Rome,Ohio should be dissolved due to COMMON SENSE. The fact that city officials and police officers are abusing their positions and wasting tax dollars is ridiculous. They should be very ashamed of themselves for their behavior.

It's their almost sole focus on giving out excessive and obsurd traffic violations to drivers as they encounter a city whose main street is just four blocks long, that's disturbing. Accompanied by the corruption and crimes done by the same city workers who are sticklers for some rules that disgraces this city enough to be dissolved.

The simple fact is just what David Tisler, a member of New Rome's village council said. Anytime you deal with money and deal with people, you take a risk. Unfortunately, the only positive in this situation is the good transportation safety as a result of the plethra of traffic monitoring.

I don't know how long a dissolvement and annexation takes, but speaking for all American taxpayers, with the currently critical times we have across the country and the world, I hope it's soon.

Concerned and dissappointed American
Mark (Refusing to be a future victim of New Rome)

Just watched your story on ABC.  More power to you.
It's a shame that they fund their budgets that way.

- A teacher in Oregon

And I have to agree with the village. You say (i think your the creator of the site) that you drove through and got a ticket for not seeing the sign? So (profanity) what? Thats just ignorance of law. The fact is that it was there, you didn't see it, you get ticketed. It would happen in any other city in the U.S. if it were seen by a police officer.

You also mentioned some other things like a light out on a license plate and the plate outline cover (whatever the hell it is) [There was a picture on 20/20] covering up part of the wording. Those are indeed against the law, and they can ticket if they please. [Yeah, cause you know that's big-time crime.] It's police discretion. I majored in law [really? when did you graduate?] and I see nothing wrong with what is being done. [I pray you're not practicing law.] So suck my (bleep!) you (more profanity) whining (bleep, real articulate there counsler).


Good luck. I will make sure I never visit that town when I am in Ohio. My sister lives in Wooster and I live in California. I visit her often and I think we went through that town before. She is a speeder too. Lucky for us we did not get stopped! PS. I got you website from watching you segment on 20/20


Unfortunately, I missed most of the 20/20 piece on this "lovely" little corner of driving hell. The T.o.W's are insane! I am by no means a fan of the ACLU, but this seems like just the kind of stuff that they dream of. I have no idea how the NRPD can live with themselves. How many of them are going to fear for their personal safety when New Rome ( how apt) burns? "Officers" Humpty and Dumpty should just go ahead and leave town before the match is struck on 4 Feb. Good luck and keep up the fight!


I love what your doing.
Keep it up.
Good luck fighting that speeding ticket


Has anyone ever seen a new Rome pig outside of his car other then to walk up to a car he's pulled over? I have never seen one walking the streets protecting anyone. In fact I've seen on several occasions Franklin County Sheriffs taking care of crimes in new Rome city limits. Proof that there not real cops.


First of all, congratulations for grassroots action that could put an end to the nonsense.

One thing on your site jumped out at me. You wrote that New Rome officers ask motorists where they work. What happens, Jim, if anyone refuses to tell them? If the protest continues, people should be told "KEEP QUIET." The citation, as you well know, is an "arrest" in a very real, but admittedly, technical sense. The signature on the citation by the motorist is, of course, not an admission of guilt. The motorist does not have to say ANYTHING. He must provide his identification and proof of insurance (if applicable in Ohio). Being technically "under arrest" the motorist is now a defendant and has the right to remain silent according to the Miranda ruling. He or she should be able to sign the ticket and be on his way. If it doesn't "really" happen that way someone should record with a small tape recorder what "actually" happens in New Rome, even if it has to be choreographed. Nothing illegal about that. Entrapment doesn't work the other way around. The government can entrap the people - the people cannot entrap the government - it's called "whistleblowing." If they are given any trouble at all, the Rome PD is violating the fifth amendment to the constitution. (The right to not incriminate yourself). If they are being asked where they work, choose not to say, and are given trouble that prevents their "departure within a reasonable amount of time," the New Rome PD is in violation of federal civil rights laws. The court ruling in the Texas case (allowing officers to take you to jail on any arrest) is not as broad as first reported in the media. Many still believe those first early media reports and interpretations from "experts" -- and they are wrong.

This jumped out at me immediately and I am curious if this angle has ever been explored. Do you know?

Filing a violation of civil rights is a process that MUST be followed-up and investigated by the FBI. If the violation is on tape - bingo.

My name is Alan, I saw the story about new rome last night on 20/20. Great web site!! I just wanted to say, good luck on getting rid of new rome! I was watching David Tisler being interviewed, What a hoosier!! Is that the only job that he has ever had??
If he was one of the people who stole money, and was not caught, He should think about getting a makeover done! And start by getting new teeth!!

Alan, St. Louis MO

I love in New York, but looking at this site and these stories, these guys as well as the town council could be brought pu on FEDERAL RICO (rackettering and criminal orginization) act.. Might want to get a hold of your state Attorney General's office and go that route.

[Lots of routes, lots of ideas...]

Your web site is hilarious!! KUDOS. This snake pit is best avoided, and their money tree chopped down. I am truely ashamed by the criminal conduct of so called pillars of society, who should be someone you could look up to. It reflects poorly on our country. These people should be locked up. I would donate just to see these guys go down in flames. Count me in!! By the way..What is the current status?


I watched your story on 20/20 the other night.
That so-called New Rome representative was a joke. I think Mr. Stossel did a great job of making that jackass look like the true idiot he is. Good luck in your crusade against these thieves.

[I think Stossel had a pretty easy job of making Tisler look like a jackass.]

I just wanted to let you know, I saw the special on 20/20 last night and also visited your website today.
I can not believe after all of that, you and everyone else who has been accused of such a lousy crime would still be living in a town like that.
More and more I see my town becoming like yours, and it's scary, it's just a matter of time.
I would like to take a spin through this town just to see what would happen to me.
I am from PA,
right outside of Pittsburgh, but I'm afraid the only real thing that would get me in trouble would be my attitude and my voice of opinion. I think you have a good thing going here, and I think that over time your hard work on this will pay off.
Best of luck to you all!


Hey man I saw you on TV last night and I think it is pretty cool of you to make this website. The town I live in is kinda like that. On Christmas morning a guy I knew got a ticket for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign when there was nobody in town but him and the loopy cop. He was going really slow too.

I wholeheartedly support your cause.
The town of Sharpsville, Indiana is a very similar "trap"...
One marshall that is supported by one judge....
solely to support their own salaries....
Any advise or help to bring them down also...
I am certain the citizens want him out..

Keep up the good work.


Dear Shana,
oh my god you poor woman and your mother too not to mention the hell that peckerhead put your poor baby thru,I watch 20/20, and tonight was the story of new rome in jon's "give me a break" story.I also went to the website and read all the stories of all the crap that town has put people thru,im amazed that they are getting away with this after all we are living in the year 2003 . I wonder what they would do if a judge or a lawayer from say new york or los angeles drove thru there and they pulled that crap on them! I live in a small suburb of milwaukee,wisc. where the cops are nice and follow the letter of the law as I feel all cops should after all we pay their wages,there are around 100,000 people here in my town and that’s pretty small compared to the population of the city of milwaukee,and I can tell you this if antone was ever treated the way that
you and your family was there would be a riot here BIG TIME!! I sure hope and pray that you son was not scared by this and that you win your fight in removing the wrong way laws in that town or better yet remove the town from the map,what a embarassment to the state of ohio.

I just wanted to put my thoughts out to you and all those who have the courage to fight this, good luck and god bless.


Who the hell is the idiot with the purdy teeth?

Your website needs to put up photo's of all the players.
Simply amazing.

That guy wanted to make me puke.

[Ah good idea, we've added a Players section.]

The "officials" in New Rome sound like the stereotypical red-neck nitwits usually associated with isolated and insular small towns in the Deep South. I hope the televised story will add some firepower to the effort to dissolve this dismal little burg, or at least more ammunition for the state auditor's office to get either the Ohio state justice department or maybe even the Federal justice department involved.

Tell your son [Shana's] that a reader in California is as absolutely disgusted that such abuse at the hands of "law enforcement" officers could have taken place anywhere in America!!

Best of luck to you and the rest of the New Rome Sucks! crew.


I was reading your story on and thought it was a complete joke.
I’ll tell ya if the town is only 4 blocks long then everyone should park there cars just outside town and walk through it instead of driving through it. Just don’t jay walk or that will give them another reason to ticket. Either that, or maybe horse & buggy is the way to go. New Rome is a joke. [Yep, and not a funny one.]


Wow, that really sucks. The 'higher ups' in New Rome seem to be pretty stupid, but I guess they would have to be to let the village idiot be there spokesperson. Good luck with your webpage. I hope things get better for you all.

I really sympathize with you but I would like to let you and all the others that are
expressing a need to dissolve New Rome might also want to know about another
"New Rome" in the state of Georgia known as Pine Lake,Ga. It really Sucks!!!


What a bunch of bastards. This shouldn't happen in a country like the US. It sounds more like how cops in a brutal dictatorship would act because they have the power and no-one can say anything against them under fear of arrest. One of these days someone is going to loose a loved one this wayand I wouldn't be surprised if that someone went postal on some of New Rome's "finest".

Tinus, The Netherlands [Somebody get Tisler a map of Europe]

But how can they exist for so long intimidating people like that? I also just cant understand the American police system where any shit hole town can create their own police force. Most countries have a national or state based police system. The American system is an invitation to abuse as is shown in cases like this.

Mastic, Australia

The articles were fantastic - keep up the good work.

This dirty little town has to be abolished - GONE - NOW.

I saw the show on 20/20 and that further solidified my views that K-mart shouldn't sell guns--especially in places like New Rome. Holy Cow was that bearded guy scary--maybe they can invest some of that stolen money in a barber cause the tupperware bowl he is using is way warped!!!! I don't think that guy could count to one hundred thousand if John Stossel himself brought in a bag of marbles. So when that complete moron said that he didn't think one hundred grand was a lot of money--someone should have broken it down to a language he would have understood like 100.000 flannel shirts or 100,000 ways to keep your teeth from rotting out of your head. UCH--that guy was gross-

maybe before we go spending billions to help out other countries we need to teach basic english to our own american white trash citizens... i'd put new rome on the list of top 10 places to never ever go--maybe they should send prisoners there? as punishment!!

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