Tales of Woe
are the horror stories we share
to try to understand and feel better
about what they do to us

My story happened a few years ago.  First I need to tell you that I lost my right leg below the knee 3 years before I was pulled over.  I have no trouble with it as a matter of fact most people are shocked to find I have a prosthetic.  
I was chosen to be best man for a friends wedding and as was my duty I was going to throw a bachlor party.  I expected to drink a bit so I asked my brother to be my designated driver.  My brother picked me up and away we went.  I was at the party a little while when I saw my brother drinking.  I stopped drinking that moment and waited several hours before I drove him home in his own car.  Ohh was mom going to hear about this =)  I dropped him off in Hilliard and took his car to my house making the mistake of driving through New Rome at 4am.
I was pulled over for no reason I knew.  I was asked for lisence, registration and proof of insurance.  I offered them up.  I had them handy.  I knew where I was.  The officer asked if I had been drinking.  I said yes I had had a couple beers around 7pm but I felt by 4am I was more than safe to drive.  He asked me to step out of the car.
He asked me how long I thought I could stand on one leg.  I replied, "Three years now, sir".  He just looked at me.  I pulled up my pant leg and showed him my prosthetic.  I explained I had lost it three years before.  He asked if I could walk heel-toe ten steps.
"Not on my best day, sir."
"What's the matter", he said, "you drunk?" 
"No, sir.  I lost my leg a few years back.  We just discussed this, sir."
"Well try it"
"I'll need to put my leg down for this."
I had been standing on one leg this whole time.  One of the advantages of having a prosthetic is good balance on the other leg.
I tried and found I could in fact walk heel-toe.  I was so pleased I went 12 steps.  It seems this was the slip he was waiting for.  He went to his car and came back with a small device.  It was about the size of a calculator.  He handed it to me and explained it was a portable breath tester.  He said it could not be used in court but if I didn't blow in it I would be taken 'downtown'.  I blew into it and handed it back.  He looked at it and I asked, "What's it say, sir?"
"Says here you are dead."
"I feel pretty good for dead, sir"
"Get in the car"
"I'm not drunk, sir"
He escorted me to his car and I got in the back.  He drove me 'downtown'.  All two hundred feet away from where he stopped me.  We went inside and he directed me to a large device sitting on a table.  He told me this was the official breath test that could be used in court.  I blew into it and he looked at the slip of paper it printed out.
"What's it say, sir?"
"Says here you are stone sober."
"We discussed that too, sir."
"I can't make you but could you blow into this handheld unit again?  I just got this today."
I took the handheld unit from him and blew into it as he asked and handed it back to him.
I asked, "Whats it say, sir?"
"Says here you are worse than when I stopped you."
"I'd have that thing checked, sir.  How do I get back to my car?"
He drove me back to my brother's car.  As I got out of his car I asked why I was stopped.  He said it was a routine check.  I suggested this was anything but routine.  That was some years ago.  To this day I won't drive through there and I slap my brother whenever he talks about getting a drink.

Jim says:

Wow!  Just when I think I have heard it all.  That is some story!  They would proably knock someone out of a wheel chair to make sure they aren't faking!

I have a tale to tell, too. I just found this site, and feel that I have to
share my experience with New Rome's finest as well.

It was July, 2002, and my wife and I were returning from a doctor's office,
where my wife had had the laser surgery on her eyes. Being from out of the
area and having never heard of New Rome
, we stopped at a Wendy's for some
food. As we're pulling out, I notice that a police car has started shadowing
us. Like anybody else, I got a little nervous and wondered what I had done
wrong, going through a checklist in my head. Seatbelts? Check. Speeding? No
time to get up to speed. Wrong turn? I simply turned out of the parking lot
and onto the main street (whatever it was called). About the time I was
thinking that he was just going the same direction as we were, the lights
came on.

Aw, nuts, I said. Having been stopped before, I knew the drill. I shut off
the engine, put the keys on the dashboard, put my hands on the top of the
steering wheel, and sat still and quiet. The officer came up and demanded
license, registration and proof of insurance. I told him that I was going to
reach into my back pocket for my wallet and into the glovebox for the
registration. As soon as I unbuckle my seatbelt and start to reach into my
hip pocket, the gun comes out and the officer yells, "Freeze!"

So now I've got a gun pointed at me, and I sure as hell froze. "What exactly
are you doing," the officer asked.

"Getting my license out, officer," I replied. I didn't really feel like
reminding him that I'd told him that was what I was doing about 10 seconds

"OK. Do it nice and slow," he says.

I hand the paperwork over to him, and he disappears into his car for about
twenty minutes.

Twenty minutes later, he asks both me and my wife to step out of the car.
About the same time, a second cruiser pulls up and another officer comes up
to help. They pull both of us out of the car and handcuff us both.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

The reply: "This car is illegal in the United States." At the time, the car
was one of the first 2003 Mazda Protege5s around, and we'd had it less than
two weeks.


"These cars are only legal in Canada," he says. "We're impounding it and
calling the EPA"

So we go down to the jail, where we're cuffed to a bench. We sit there for
about two hours, until someone comes out and says, "You can leave now."

"Where's my car?"

"The impound lot," she says.

"Where is that?" I ask.

"I can't tell you that," she says.

Fed up, we leave. I ask someone at a gas station, and get directions. We
walk to the lot (no rides were offered, by the way) and discover that our
car has been, um, dismantled. Everything that could be removed, was removed,
including all four wheels, which were now serving as jacks underneath the
frame. In addition, we discovered that somebody had pried the VIN tag off of
the dashboard and it was missing. Fortunately, one of the kids working at
the lot helped us put the wheels back on, and we got the hell out of there.

But our car still doesn't have a VIN tag. Do you think they're waiting for
us to bring our "illegal" car back into their town? I wouldn't bet against


Approximately 10 years ago on December 18th, the day after my birthday, I was on my lunch break and was going to the BMV to renew my tags and drivers license.  As I approached the National City Bank on Broad St. I saw The flashing lights behind me and pulled into the bank parking lot.  The NRPD Nazi approached my vehicle and actually said "I figured the month was half over and what do ya know your tags and license are expired!"  I explained to him that I was on my way to get that taken care of and that I thought I had until the end of the month to renew this stuff.  He didn't care for my explanation and asked to see my license and registration.  

Now here is where it gets good.  The Nazi returns to my vehicle and asked me who Waymon So&So is (last name withheld).  I stated that was the person I had purchased the vehicle from. He said that the car was still registered in his name, I said how is that possible when you have the registration with my name on it for this vehicle in your hand.  He said I don't know but you need to step out of the vehicle, which I did.  He then placed me in the back of the cruiser and said that I was not under arrest at this time but that the vehicle was going to be impounded and that he needed to inventory the contents of the vehicle.  I said sure go ahead, so there I am sitting in the back of this cruiser feeling "suspiciously like I was under arrest" but not so according to the Nazi.  

So I am watching this clown going through my car, thoroughly I might add, when I start thinking to myself that he is looking for something to bust me for.  As if on cue he returns to the vehicle and ask me about the contents of a green army duffle bag that was in the trunk.  I explained that I was in the National Guard and that was my field gear I always kept it there in case my unit was mobilized (this all happened about the time Desert storm was going on). Apparently he accepted this explanation and went on with his inventory.  45 minutes later (I only had an hour for lunch) he finishes and says the car will be towed to the lot just down the road and that he would be taking me to the station to call my wife to bring the title to prove I owned the vehicle.  He then drives me to the "station" anybody that has been to that S--THOLE knows why it was condemed.  Anyway I call my wife she brings the title they release me I then inquire about my fine,  and the criminal, I mean clerk, says that will be $376.00. Seven days before Christmas, money that would have been spent on my one year old son's Christmas presents went to line this B---HES pocket.  I paid it with a credit card.  I then went to the "impound lot" and paid another $75.00 to get my car back.  End of story right, WRONG, two months later I get a call from the NRPD asking me why I didn't pay this fine.  I said that I did with a credit card and that I had my receipt.  He said thank you and hung up.  Approximately two weeks later on the news I saw a story about an investigation of embezzlement on the clerk I had paid my fine to.  NEW ROME TRULY SUCKS!!!!!!!


I am a retired deputy sheriff from Muskingum county and my brother lives in Hilliard.  He was pulled over last night in New Rome for expired tags.  I asked him what happened and he said he was going to Advance Auto with his 3 kids, stopped at the light and the next thing he knew he was getting pulled over.  The wannabe cop wrote him for expired tags  from 3 weeks ago.  I know we are only human and have only give VERBAL warnings for much worse traffic offenses. From what I've read this town is corrupt and a disgrace too all law enforcement. They sound like they're hiring a bunch of picked on kids out of the academy and telling them to get back at the world.  Good luck on getting rid of this no good town.


First, let me tell you, I am the Director of Operations for a film company that has come into Ohio to do some film work.  I will NEVER forget the cruelty of the New Rome police.  I am just about ready to buy-out everyone in town, raze the houses and businesses, and then see what they can do to me.

I was an attendee at a church on West Broad when this incident occurred.

In 1988 just shortly after the death of Elmer F. (in his 80's), Joyce F. (also in her 80's) was driving from West Jefferson through New Rome on a Sunday morning on her way to church.  Since her husband had died in the same month as his birthday and she was busy trying to make arrangements to see him properly buried, she had failed to notice that the tags on the car had expired (they were in his name).  The cruiser stopped her, and without thinking straight, this tall but frail elderly woman stepped out of her car and into the street to inquire of the officer what he needed.  The "police" officer immediately stepped out of his car, drew on her and demanded that she get back into her vehicle.  Being that she is in her 80's and her hearing aid wasn't that great, she did not totally understand what he was saying.  The officer proceeded to approach her, arrest her, and then take her to the police trailer.  She was under arrest for expired tag, failure to comply with the direction of a peace officer, and believe it or not, resisting arrest.

Well, the preacher was called and he had to convince the local yocal cop that this woman was not worth their time since the church had some very well connected people and lawyers (wink, wink).  New Rome is not totally dumb, just mean in my opinion.  They actually let her go with an impound fine and some other bond.  She was still going to have to pay but some calls were made to the mayor at the time and things were dropped. 

If I hadn't lived to see it myself, I would have never believed it could be that in this day and age of street violence, larceny, rape, and all the other horrible crimes, a younger healthier "police" officer of New Rome could see a threat in a 6 foot but mid-80's aged great grandmother and felt the need to draw down on her.

The whole thing makes my blood boil to this day.

I have also had two run-ins but these stories can wait for another day since I had them moved downtown and they were thrown out for false laws being tied to my case.

Thanks for all you are doing to rid Central Ohio of this menace.

-Therp Sajik; Director of Operations for American Film Company

About four months ago, i was passing through NR when a young cop pulled me over. I asked what was wrong and he simply said that my left brake light was too dim! I thought about ripping him a new one, but calmly stated that if one was too dim the other one had to be too. He said the right was fine but I would fined $300 for it!  New Rome really does suck!


I have to admit I'm a bit surprised to find all this information.  I used to
live in that area, and have always thought something was not right in New
Rome.  I got pulled over four times in a week in that town before deciding
that it was worth the extra time to drive around the small town.  I didn't
get a ticket but they sure were trying hard.  The first stop was to tell me
that I needed to be wearing my seat belt.  I looked at the officer stunned
and tugged my belt and said it is on.  She said oh well I can see that now
be sure you keep wearing it.

The second time was to tell me that a small crack in my windshield needed to be fixed, it wasn't keeping me from seeing but if the crack that was about as long as a quarter from my pocket continued to grow it would be a fine.  I looked at her as it was a woman officer and asked how in the world she could have seen that from her car, she said you not getting a ticket just a friendly warning.  I actually wasnt
sure if I should think the town was just a crazy place or the officer was
looking for a date or what. 

 I ended up getting pulled over twice more for things that made no sense at all.  Checking my tires, which appeared at a distance to be too worn..LOL and second time for not wearing my seatbelt, which was once again on, before I figured out that the time spent getting the warnings was longer than the time it takes to go around the town.  I hope they do dissolve it.  It has been several years since I have been
through that town, but it sounds like its business as usual.


I used to live in the Columbus Area, and for a while had an Apt on Fischer
Road right near New Rome. This is about 13 yrs ago I think.

Anyways, I got pulled over for having an expired sticker on my car, but in
reality I had just put my Motorcycle sticker on my car and vice versa -- so
it was the wrong color. I had the proper registration paperwork but the cop
didn't care.

Anyways, the cop wrote me a ticket and said "Now, you're not allowed to
drive this vehicle unless you get the proper registration sticker on it. But
if I don't see you, no harm done. I'm gonna go have a cup of coffee, for
about the next 15 minutes or so." Then he left.

So, I sat for a while in the parking lot. My car was parked in a lot off
Broad St. with a bunch of semi trailers on it, so I pulled in between two
and parked. I figured I'd see if my roomate was home and he could come get
me. So I walked a block or two to a gas station across the street and tried
to phone him. He wasn't home. So I walk back to my car, this time on the
other side of the street.

I see this unmarked Chevy hiding in an alley way, and sure enough Officer
BillyBob (can't remember his name, but BillyBob conjures up the right image)
was there staking out my car. He had switched to a different car, but was
still in uniform. So I go up and knock on the window.

"Whatcha doin?" I ask, startling him.

"Police business, please move along." He said.

"You think I'm that dumb, eh? Ever heard of entrapment?" And I walk back to
my car.

So I decide to play a trick. I start my car, wave in the direction of the
cop, and take off through the back of the parking lot with all the tractor
trailers. I take off really quick, like I'm making a run for it out the back
of the parking lot.

Instead, however, I pull my little RX7 in between two huge dumpsters and
watch, knowing they can't see my car from the streets.

Sure enough, cops are all over. Flying up and down the street looking for
this dangerous fugitive in the black Rx7. This goes on for about 15 minutes.
Then I wait another 30 minutes till it gets dark and bail when I see the
cops heading down the other direction after other poor entrapped driver.

Then I paid my ticket via mail and provided the documentation necessary to
prove my car was indeed registered when I was pulled over. Case closed,

Ok, story not over... Fast Forward 3 years.

I'm riding my motorcycle along in Dublin OH (NW suburb) and a cop is
following me. A mile or two later another cop pulls out in front of me. Then
the lights go off.

Officer says "I pulled you over because you have a bench warrant."

"How'd you know that, is there an APB out on me?" I said.

"9 out of 10 motorcycle riders don't have a motorcycle license, so that
gives us probable cause to run your plates and check the owner's drivers
license" he said.

"With all due respect, that's not exactly legal is it?" I asked politely. He
claimed it was, I told him that was illegal search and seizure and that I
was not doing anything illegal, therefore he had no right to "run" my

Well, I ended up in cuffs and got transferred to the New Rome police
(which at the time was still an old house). It was a Sunday and
the mayor was nowhere to be found, so the cop didn't know what to do with
me. So he said I could bail out for $300 until we got it straightened out,
since they couldn't check the paperwork until Monday. I said I didn't have
$300, only a few bucks. He asked me if I had an ATM card, I said yes, but my
daily withdrawal limit was only $150. He said he'd take $150 and would drive
me to an ATM so I could bond out.
So he did. He told me to come down to see
the mayor to get my money back, less court costs.

Story not over. The Dublin police thought that I was impolite and filed a
ticket via mail against me for disorderly. So I go downtown on my court date
to straighten that out. Turns out the computers are down and they can't see
what the ticket is for, it could be for jaywalking, it could be for a
felony. They won't let me leave. So I get to spend the night in the joint.
Then, the next morning, in my lovely county blues, I go down to meet the
judge -- who happens to be a member of my church.

Sure enough officer "probable-cause" was there and explained the ticket but
did not explain why he pulled me over. So I told the judge. He called the
officer up to his bench and asked if this was true. "Yes, your honor" said
the cop.

So, the Judge says "Officer so-and-so, if you EVER violate someone's rights
to this extent in my courtroom again, you will give me your gun and your
badge and leave this room a civilian. Is that clear?"
-- the entire crowd of
pending traffic cases erupts in a cheer.

I thought about suing but I was just glad its over.

True story. I'm glad I'm out of Ohio!


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