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Things I found useful and interesting in my quest for justice
Official Detour New Rome brochure (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

House Bill 24
A bill making its way through the Ohio house, introduced by the Larry Wolpert, the representative in New Rome's disrict.  This bill would outlaw villages that fail to meet minimum standards of government and services.

State Auditor's Report on New Rome, May 2002
Adobe Acrobat Reader required.  A great read.  "The village expended....82% of its General Fund Budget to support a police force whose primary purpose appears to be writing traffic tickets."

American Civil Liberties Union
This is for police abuse complaints to the ACLU

National Motorists Association
Advocating, Protecting, and Representing the Rights of North American Motorists
Ohio Department of Transportation
     -Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) - This is what sets standards on traffic control and such though there is no online version.  You can buy one for approximately 22 bucks.
     -Info regarding height and such is pictured in Figure S-2 Residential and Business signing.   The verbiage is on 2E-4.

Ohio Revised Code
     -4511.11 Uniformity of traffic control devices

Department of Justice Grant to New Rome Police
This one is disgusting.  A federal grant given to New Rome in 1998 so they could beef up their traffic control enforcement.  Remember this when filling out your 1040 this year.  You never know where the money will end up.

The Columbus Dispatch Wheels of Justice Series 
An outstanding series.  First rate.  New Rome featured prominently.

Statistics about New Rome

Federal High Administration
Contacts with questions about the MUTCD -

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) -
     -Section 2A-21 talks about sign Height and such

Unconstitutional At Any Speed Great article on the ticket racket
When in (New) Rome
Paging Harry Truman Another article mentioning New Rome.

Great summary of New Rome on

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Summersville Police
Great site...New Rome's sister city


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