The village of New Rome died abandoned and alone on September 9th, 2004.  Born in 1947 it has been a source of corruption and abuse for many years and will never be missed.  Funeral will be held on September 18th.  The procession will start at 2:00pm in the old Kroger parking lot and will be lead by Jim Bussey and the New Rome Sucks Crew.

Activities will follow




     "The corporate powers have already been surrendered. The body is already dead.  The statute merely provides for a decent burial."

Piece of Summary Judgment by David Cain, Judge

We are not lawyers. If you need one, please contact one. 
This site presents dialogue regarding the village council and police operations of New Rome, Ohio. 
Much of the material contained within was contributed by our readers. That being the case, the responsibility for statements and claims rests with the author of each message and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff. Strong language sometimes accompanies spirited opinions



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New Rome Funeral March

When:  Saturday September 18th starting at 1:30pm
Where:  The village formally known as New Rome
What:  We will bid farewell to New Rome!
Check often for more details!

Latest News
Posted by Jim on 9/12/04

We have not been able to secure a location in New Rome to have the party so we are changing things up a bit.

Looks like the politicians are having their own party on Thursday the 16th in New Rome.

On Saturday the 18th we will have the New Rome Funeral March.  The procession will start at 2:00pm in the old Kroger parking lot.  I would suggest arriving at 1:30pm or so.  After we have the Funeral March through New Rome we will make our way back to the Kroger lot.  Stop and have your photo taken with me and the crew for the New Rome Funeral page I will be making!

Hope to see everyone there!

Posted by Jim on 9/8/04

Here is a story in the Dispatch about New Rome not appealing:

New Rome sputters, dies after years of notoriety

It feels good to see it in print.  I'm pretty excited to see what a change being part of a real government makes the village formally known as New Rome.  I may never get to see any of those responsible in jail, but I'm sure some day they will get theirs.  Karma has a way of doing that!

People ask me what I'm going to do now that New Rome is gone.  I won't be making any more sucks sites unless something along the same lines happens.  Running a site takes a lot of time and devotion.  I would however encourage anyone who was wronged to stand up for themselves and take action.  Call together others who are in a similar situation and fight for what you know is right.  Remember that when our voices unite we will be heard and change will happen.

What is to become of  I will leave it as historical documents and hopefully inspiration to all those who think one person can not make a difference.

Keep your eye on for my latest!


Posted by Jim on 9/7/04

The final count down has begun!

New Rome had 30 days to appeal as of July 30.  Take out weekend and the final day they can appeal is September 10th.  That I have heard they have not had ANY of the required 3 meetings to vote on the appeal.

If my calculations are correct then they are out of time.

I will send out a mass mail on Friday as it's all official and I have the place for the party.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Posted by Jim on 8/26/04

More party info!   I am sorry it's slow coming but here are more details!

The party will be Saturday September 18th at 3:00PM

There will be music by the band Bologna Soup, pizza, hot dogs, face painting, and fun pictures!  More to come!

If any businesses would like to donate their services let me know and we will let everyone knows how cool you are!

I got an email to share:

I wish I could be at the party, but I am stuck over here.

Encourage someone to have a frosty cold one in honor of the brave heroes
over here (I am not a hero myself, but I serve in a unit filled with them.)
We aren't allowed any alcohol while in Kuwait/Iraq, but the death of New
Rome fills me with the same warm, satisfied feeling.

Thanks again for focusing so consistently on this abuse of authority.


YN1/SS Jim Ketchel
US Navy
Camp Arifjan Kuwait
(formerly of Hilliard OH, just 2 miles from New Rome)

Thanks for the email Jim.  I have had several emails from people in the service and each time I feel good about all of this knowing that someone doing a much greater good thinks we're doing a good job here.

As for not being a hero I would disagree.  I think anyone anywhere fighting for the good of all in whatever way they are picked to do so if a hero and I have great respect and admiration for you all.

Thanks again for writing and we will be thinking about you all at the party!

Posted by Jim on 8/19/04

Another sign bites the dust!

A couple readers report that O.D.O.T. changed the speed limit signs from 35 to 45 in New Rome!  Happy days!  I will be sure to get pictures as soon as I can.

The New Rome Dissolution party will be Saturday September 18th!  I am meeting with the crew this Sunday to work out some details but I will send out one more mass mailing and post details here as soon as they are available!  Spread the word!

Posted by Jim on 8/12/04

Here is the Columbus Dispatch article about the Judge Ruling.  I hope to have some of the other local paper links that are free soon.

New Rome tickets dismissed

I want to congratulate all who are released from feeding the money hungry beast.  It is certain to starve now.  I do feel bad that you have to deal with the B.M.V. though as that whole system has some problems too.

I often wish that the people involved in all this could be held liable and face the music.  They should be made to pay for the suffering they put on people all across the United States that was unfortunate enough to cross their little stretch of road.

Just be thankful, as I am, that it's all over.

An interesting story in the Dispatch:

Dublin's tack on traffic fuels state's busiest Mayor's Court

I find this quotes from this amusing:

"Our citizens really do request that the police be diligent regarding our speeding and other traffic situations,'' said Mayor Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher.

Patrolling your actual streets and roads are great, but I drive on 270 and constantly see Dublin's Police with people pulled over.  What I find odd is that the citizens of Dublin sit and worry at night about the drivers on 270. 

Do I think they are being like the New Romans?

I have not been in their court, BUT their traffic unit that has effectively tripled their tickets in the first 3 months from last year and they wrote 15% MORE tickets than Columbus. That certainly seems overzealous. Do small towns "patrolling" the freeways for easy money actually improve safety for the residents of their area? In New Rome's court the Magistrate would change the speeding charge to a non-moving violation and fine them the same amount. To me, that is letting them go for a bribe and ignoring legally deserved points and penalties. He also would overlook people didn't have insurance as long as they paid their fine.

I certainly don't think Dublin is like New Rome in that they pull people over randomly and sit and run plates all day, but they need to be monitored for abusing the system just as any other Government should be.

The state really needs to consider making a law like some of our surrounding states.  They require all fines from traffic tickets to go to the state or limit how much of your budget can come in from traffic fines.  This would really take the wind out of the sails of these little places abusing the rights they claim they are entitled to exercise when when it really comes down to is highway robbery.

Posted by Jim on 8/10/04

I heard that part of the official ruling today was that all outstanding tickets issued by New Rome that were outstanding have been wiped away!  That is great news!

The council will have to meet three times in the next 30 days to appeal the ruling.  That's should be fun to see since they have a hard enough time meeting once a month.  Now they will have to be escorted!

Let the good times roll!

Posted by Jim on 8/6/04

A little bit about New Rome from the NBC web site.  Seems Connie may appeal the dissolution of New Rome.  Not for the village, but for the people!  She's such a hero.  Ok, Ill be serious now.  This really is funny.  If the people are so upset by this law why didn't just ONE of them show up to oppose it!  I was there to support it.  Jamie was there.  Ed was there.  Jeff was there!  We were at both the House AND the Senate meetings!  Not to mention how long the Judge gave them to get things together!  I'm sorry Connie, but I'm just not buying it.

Officials May Appeal Dissolution of New Rome

Posted by Jim on 8/4/04

Simon says NO!

I guess someone tried to hold a meeting last night.  It's being reported that the Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies stopped the New Rome Council and a former New Rome Police officer from entering the Village I mean Hall last night.  Welcome to the real world!

Deputies Bar Entrance To Village Hall

Also got a mention in the Plain Dealer today from an interview I had yesterday.  Michael Sangiacomo is a really nice guy to chat with!

Judge slams shut speed trap

Let's also give a round of applause for online papers who do NOT charge for their online version.  News should be free!

Posted by Jim on 7/31/04

Game Over

Looks like this is the end folks!  As many of you may have already heard the Judge officially dissolved New Rome yesterday.  It's been a long hard road for us all, but this shows that in the end justice does prevail for those who do wrong.  Ben Crites had mailed me yesterday telling me about the judge dissolving them, but it wasn't confirmed so I wanted to wait before getting my hopes up too much.


Now that it's all over it's time to start planning the:


Watch here for updates!  It should be within the next month!

Here are several articles about the dissolution:

Court Document

From NBC: New Rome Formally Dissolved : Court orders New Rome dissolved

and an article from our friend Ben about it all in The Other Paper:

A village too ornery to die

Posted by Michael on 7/4/04

Happy Independence Day all!  Today's Dispatch printed a scathing letter from a Columbus resident upset with a "New Rome-like" speed trap being run in Upper Arlington Police.

Arlington out to steal New Rome's thunder, registration required.

Posted by Michael on 6/27/04

Hi folks, I haven't done an update in a while but there were a couple tidbits that I wanted to pass along.

First.  As reported earlier, Connie Tucker's New Rome residence is for sale.  Here's the listing.  Somebody please explain to me how she thinks this tiny house is worth A HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS?  

Oh wait, hold your e-mails...of course it isn't....not as a house anyway.  What I find astounding is that Connie, after fighting for New Rome's existence is preparing to have the village literally destroyed to make way for commercial development.  Wouldn't it be ironic if she profited from the sale of her house, as attractive commercial property...a situation only made possible by the elimination of New Rome's police force...which was forced by the actions of the Ohio legislature, Mayor Mueller, Jim Bussey, and other similarly-minded people?

Second, our friend David over at America's Voices recently wrote an outstanding article on Franklin County's traffic court.  Unfortunately, it sounds as if things aren't much better than New Rome's now defunct kangaroo mayor's court.

Also, here's a Westland News article on the current situation regarding tickets in limbo issued by NRPD and Connie's recent real estate maneuvers.

Posted by Jim on 6/8/04

Kinsley Nyce reports that Mayor Tucker has a Caldwell Banker FOR SALE sign on her house!  I wonder if you buy the house if the Mayor title goes with it?  At any rate if she moves outside the Village she can't be Mayor!  At this rate everyone in the Village will have had their chance at being Mayor!  Perhaps she's moving into the Mayor Mansion in New Rome or she's going to move in City Hall.

Posted by Jim on 6/3/04

7:33pm - Will the real Robin Spangler please stand up!

I got an email from the real Robin Spangler today:

Well Big Jim you really should check your information before you start using names, (mine in particular) when you have no idea who sends you mail...I did not and would not give you the satisfaction of thinking I care what you say or do....the only reason you are getting a response now is to let you know you owe me an apology for assuming that I wrote that letter, we all know what "assuming" is..... I don't need to go to burger king to get a job, I have a good one thank you....and I don't have road runner so I won't have to pay $40.00.   What really needs to happen is for you to grow up and get over yourself...unlike you New Rome does not consume my life...I worked there, I left there and got on with my life one i might add includes 2 of my grown children (who eat well, thank you) being in Iraq fighting for freedom, the freedom for people like you who have nothing better to do with their lives...and i am sure you and all your followers appreciate them fighting for all of you.  So Big Jim, the next time you feel the need to go off half cocked, THINK, think about what you're doing and who you are doing it to...for the record, I have never nor do I have the desire after this to ever contact you or your "people", trust me had I sent a letter I would of had the balls of steel to sign my name

Best Wishes....Robin Spangler
P.S. I will be waiting for your apology

Jim says:

I do apologize for assuming that was your email.  I assumed it was you because it came Amanda Spangler and you're the only Spangler I know who worked for New Rome.
Get over myself?  Please explain if you would.  I didn't cause New Rome's problems or add to the punishment they are getting.  I just spread the word around.
I appreciate your children fighting in the armed forces too as I'm sure the readers do.  I applaud anyone who fights for freedom and what's right.  Give them my sincere thanks and best wishes for a safe return home.
Thanks for writing,


Posted by Jim on 6/1/04

Nothing much happened at the meeting.  They fired Kinsley and hired a new law firm.  No surprises there.  Connie's daughter resigned.  I found this odd as she was only on council for a month?  The also hired John Carmoney on as Marshall and Street Commissioner.  They couldn't find anyone wanting to be the treasurer.  I'll put stories up from the usual news agencies as I get them.

I did get a surprise email an email from Amanda Spangler.  No idea who she is or her connection with New Rome, but it's been a while so here we go!

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for ruining my career, you sure are a dick
who will be in for a big surprise yourself.  This bullshit website will be
no more sooner than you think.  You constantly cry about a damn ticket you
could have just waived you platinum visa at, meanwhile I lost my job, and
now my little girl has a real hard time being able to eat.  I really hope
you are satisfied with yourself.  You are the real AMERICAN TALIBAN.  Don't
be surprised when someone drops a bunker buster on your hut.

                        Sorry for your loss


Jim says:

To Amanda Spangler,
Come on and give me a break. 
And why would my website be gone?  It's been up 3 years and none of these threats have done any good.
As for ruining your career, go get a job with Burger King.  It's right down the street!
You lost your job and you're girl has a hard time eating?  Why?  If it's money I would suggest getting rid of Roadrunner.  That will save you 40 bucks a month right there!
I won't be satisfied until the trailer is gone and New Rome is but a history lesson.
Thanks for writing,

Today is a meeting day!  I am going to be there!  Yeah it has been a while but there hasn't been anything too exciting for a while.

Tonight should be good though!

Recent article from Ben Crites at SNPOnline:

Suit Likely to move ahead with full Village Council

The judge is giving them one more chance.  How many "one more chances" are they going to get?!  I suppose it better to give them more time so they can't complain they were not given time.  Oh and will Connie be in for a surprise tonight!  I will be sure to take pictures of course.

Here is the Dispatch story for those of you with access:

New Rome get more time in case

I got an email from a former New Rome Police I will be posting as soon as I get a reply written up.  Stay tuned!

Posted by Jim on 5/12/04

The June issue of Playboy is out and my letter is in the forum section on page 58 if I remember correct.  It is really a lot more short than my original.  I'm going to post my original letter for all to see who are interested!

There was little story about New Rome in one of the community papers.  Talked about how Connie asked that all the guns and drugs in the evidence cabinet were seized on her request since no one is in the trailer on a daily basis.  She also said they would be returned to her any time she wants the.

This Oscar goes to Connie Tucker for the best acting we have seen out of New Rome since Dave Tisler was on 20/20!

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